Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman

Manager, Monitoring & Assessment Program,
Susquehanna River Basin Commission

Jennifer Hoffman is Manager of the Monitoring and Assessment Program at the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC), which she joined in 1997. SRBC is a regulatory, federal-interstate compact commission vested with the responsibility for management and control of the water resources of the 27,500-square-mile Susquehanna River Basin, which drains portions of New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Ms. Hoffman directs the Commission’s efforts in monitoring and assessing the biological communities and water quality status of the Basin's streams and rivers, and provides environmental support for the Commission’s Regulatory and Planning & Operations programs.

Ms. Hoffman has thirteen years of diverse professional experience, principally in aquatic ecology. Prior to SRBC, she worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Vertebrate Museum at Shippensburg University. She holds a Master of Science degree in Biology from Shippensburg University.

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