Scranton's First Eco-Boutique

For Cristin Powers '07, opening a "green" retail store was a perfect outlet to promote environmental stewardship and sustainability in the community.

The establishment of GreenBeing, an "eco-boutique," combines this Marywood graduate's retail dreams with her growing concern for the environment.

"It made sense to open a socially responsible and environmental store. I want to give back to the community where I was raised, by sharing information, ideas, and great products," says Cristin.

GreenBeing takes an aesthetic approach to implementing sustainable alternatives by offering organic cotton, hemp, and recycled fiber in the clothing, accessories, and other handmade items they sell. All "up-cycled" products are created by 15 local designers, and Cristin personally designs eco-handbags from burlap coffee sacks donated by the Electric City Roasting Company.

GreenBeing plays a vital role in Scranton, acting as the city's first environmentally-friendly store. As part of Cristin's green business plan, she hopes to purchase and renovate another building in the future, with the goal of achieving LEED certification. Overall, it is her intent to inspire the City of Scranton and the community to consider how they affect the environment and to educate residents on taking steps towards ongoing environmental stewardship.