Creating Environmental Solutions through Art

Patricia Johanson and Linda Dugan PartridgeArtist Patricia Johanson believes that art can help to heal the earth, and her proposed landscape design project at Marywood aims to do just that. Known as Mary's Garden, the project is presently seeking both private and public funds so the artist's vision can take shape on a portion of previously mine-scarred land, recently reclaimed in the northeast section of campus.

"Unlike most art projects, Mary's Garden deals with sustainability, healing, the restoration of water and wildlife, ecological plant communities that complement the Arboretum, and narratives that parallel the formation of coal, the history of mining, and local communities -- the IHM Congregation and the people they serve," Ms. Johanson observed.

The construction of Mary's Garden will address storm water drainage concerns, in addition to featuring two outdoor classrooms and a new trail system that will link the upper and lower campus.