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Master's Level Graduate Assistantship Vacancies

2014-2015 Master's Level Graduate Assistantship Vacancies

Marywood University will accept resumes for the graduate assistantship positions below until February 14, 2013. 

Adult Basic Literacy Education Office-Ms. Heather Remley (half-time)

The Adult Basic Literacy Education (ABLE) Grant seeks a graduate assistant to provide support for transition services for students.  Responsibilities include assisting staff by providing transition services for the students in the ABLE Grant Office, answering questions from students related to their individual interest in postsecondary schools and trainings, planning and implementing a tutoring group for conversational English Skills and/or post-secondary career planning and gaining experience working as a contributing and responsible member in a team. The graduate assistant student should have strong writing, editing, and communication skills.  Training will be provided specific to the curriculum and other required resources.  The student should be able to be present in the office for most of the assigned hours. 

Admissions-Ms. Deidre Jones (full-time)

The admissions graduate assistant will aid both the graduate and undergraduate offices. They will help to organize and plan numerous on and off campus events, such as open houses, visitation days and college fairs.  The graduate assistant will also be valuable in assisting with daily data entry and numerous other office duties.

Architecture Interior-Ms. MacDonald (full-time)

This position is a Full-Time Graduate Assistantship to provide administrative assistance and materials research and collection related to the continued development of the Materials Resource Center in the School of Architecture. Because the Interior Architecture Program focuses on the impact of materials on interior environments, this Center is a major teaching/learning resource for our students and faculty. In addition, this new program initiative will be an important part of all future CIDA Accreditation visits.

Another essential need is to assist with the design and organization of various levels of student work to be stored in an efficient method to align with the standards of review for future CIDA accreditation visits. This system, which is currently nonexistent, will be designed to accept a continuous flow of student work and stored accordingly to accreditation assessments.

In addition, the graduate assistant would also assist with the collection of student work to be routinely added to the department website which would help promote the current pedagogy of the Interior Architecture department and would also support CIDA accreditation requirements.

Architecture Digital Media -Mr. James Eckler (full-time)

The School of Architecture is seeking a Full- Time Graduate Assistant (GA) for Digital Media.  The selected GA will assist faculty, administrators, and students with various digital design applications and output equipment.  This position will provide with further opportunities to explore the potentials of this software through research, self-directed experimentation, and assisting other students.  Additionally the student will gain skills in managing and supporting software that will better prepare them for the professional environment of an architectural practice.  The tasks associated with this position include the following:

  1. Provide support, management, and replacement of consumables for M.U.S.o.A. plotters.
  2. Provide tips/tutorials/tutoring for design software in the CAD Lab outside of class hours.
  3. Expand/update existing video software tutorials for students.
  4. Create new video tutorials for design software that is not currently represented in the M.U.S.o.A. tutorial library.
  5. Update existing video tutorials to reflect new software versions.


Architecture Digital Fabrication-Mr. James Eckler (full-time)

This position is a Full-Time Graduate Assistantship to undertake advanced design exploration utilizing the digital fabrication equipment in School of Architecture that currently consists of: a computer-numerically-controlled router; a three-dimensional printer, and a laser cutter. This GA will also manage student use of, and training on, this digital fabrication equipment. Candidates will submit a portfolio containing examples of computer skills and demonstrated craft utilizing digital fabrication. Experience with computer modeling and digital fabrication equipment is required. Candidates must submit a one-page proposal for an independent digital fabrication design exploration project.

Art Galleries-Ms. S. Povse (half-time)

The Graduate Assistant provides support and assistance to Art Galleries operations including: all exhibition installations; facility maintenance; update and expansion of electronic calendar listings, web page, and social media; assistance with publishing activities and press releases; Permanent Collection research, records, maintenance, storage, and display; help with management of work study students; support to The Maslow Collection; exhibition planning and gallery administration; educational outreach and interpretation activities; receptions, lectures, and special events. While the assistantship is challenging, it offers the opportunity to be part of a team in which the GA's aesthetic decisions and strengths are utilized and reflected in gallery installations and operations. Prior gallery experience a plus but not required; MFA students preferred but not essential.

Art Therapy-Dr. Parker Bell (full-time)

The graduate assistant for the graduate art therapy program will provide support for a variety of international, and regional educational programs that engage art therapy students, alumni, the campus, community, and regional professionals.   In addition, the graduate assistant will support faculty research and presentations, assist in managing art therapy spaces and exhibit areas, help develop and maintain communication and with area service agencies, and support art therapy recruitment efforts and Art Department web-site presence. Candidates for the position must have strong organizational and communication skills (verbal and written).

Business Department-Dr. Art Comstock (full-time)

Responsibilities include: financial research and administrative support for the Pacer Investment Fund; assisting the faculty mentor, Dr. Art Comstock, and other Business faculty members with data collection, research, and grant possibilities; and providing additional organizational assistance for the operations of the Business Programs.

Communication Sciences and Disorders-Ms. Novak/Ms. Jourdanais (half-time)

Part-time administrative graduate assistant is being requested for the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders/Marywood University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic for the 2014-2015 academic year.  The graduate assistant will support the Chairperson, Graduate Program Director, and Clinic Director.  Activities will include assisting with the day-to-day operations of the department and clinic, coordination of community-based outreach services and off campus internship placements, and in the development/gathering of documentation that supports ASHA accreditation status.

Communication Sciences and Disorders-Dr. Wisenburn

A half-time (10 hours per week) graduate assistant is needed by Dr. Wisenburn in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. This work will entail tasks related to teaching, clinic, and research. The assistant will be required to correct undergraduate quizzes in the areas of neurogenic communication disorders. Applicants should have already taken Dr. Wisenburn’s CSD366 course in neurogenic communication disorders and should enroll in Dr. Wisenburn’s graduate level courses. In addition, the assistant will also conduct literature searches and review articles related to neurogenic communication disorders to support research projects. The assistant will also help in the maintenance and organization of augmentative communication equipment for the clinic. Other tasks related to clinic, instruction, or research may also be required.

Counseling Center-Dr. Shaw (full-time)

The graduate assistant in the Counseling/Student Development Center (CSDC) would be expected to work 20 hours a week.  The position is appropriate for a graduate student in Psychology/Counseling, Education, Social Work, or Art Therapy.  The graduate assistant’s principal responsibilities would be to serve as the coordinator/counselor of the CSDC Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) education and programming and as co-advisor to the peer education program, “Peers on Wellness” (POW!).

Criminal Justice, Sociology, History (half-time) Dr. Seffrin-Dr. Vari

The student’s assistantship duties will entail: 1) conducting research using the Marywood library databases and Google scholar; 2) working with library staff to acquire research articles as well as book chapters that may not be available directly through databases such as EBSCO, the Web of Knowledge, or Google scholar; 3) reading and summarizing peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters; 4) reviewing correspondence 5) searching for qualified peer reviewers for manuscripts for French Colonial History; 6) research and evaluation of history department websites around the country; 7) assisting Dr. Christiansen with research and preparation of her book manuscript; 8) working on departmental and related websites; 9) assist with identifying potential reviewers for H-Urban, an online academic list affiliated which H-Net Reviews; 10) finding and downloading data from websites such as ICSPR 11) attending weekly or bi-weekly meetings with Dr. Seffrin, Dr. Vari, and other Marywood faculty to discuss the results of these inquiries.

Dean of Students-Dr. Paciej-Woodruff (full-time)

The graduate assistant will administer the Marywood Conduct Program that will include the following duties: serve as a preliminary hearing officer; develop & implement formal training for hearing officers and board; assess learning outcomes; assist with preparation of reports. Other duties: Assist with collaborative projects with faculty; assist with research related to assessment of conduct program; and assist with report preparation.


Health and Physical Education-Dr. A. Hillman (half-time)

The goal of this graduate assistant (GA) position is to advance research in the areas of exercise science, specifically within the realm of hydration, thermoregulation and exercise performance. A secondary goal is to strengthen the University and community outreach of the Health and Physical Education (HPE) Department. GA responsibilities will include development of a unique research proposal relevant to their own research interests while assisting in participant recruitment and data collection of ongoing investigations. The GA will assist with the preparation of research abstracts and presentations for local, national and/or international conferences. Additionally, the GA will provide support in the Human Physiology Laboratory.

Institutional Research and Planning-Dr. Ellen Boylan (full-time)

The Graduate Assistant position in the Office of Planning and Institutional Research engages the student in a host of critical research projects. The position supports several key administrative and research activities that serve University operations and promote academic excellence. In particular, the Graduate Assistant supports the Student Evaluation of Teaching process carried out by this office on behalf of the Office of Academic Affairs. Also, the Graduate Assistant carries out administrative tasks and conducts research that informs decision-making and goal-setting in higher education at the executive level.

International Affairs-Ms. Nancy Maloney (full-time)

Though not a necessarily a pre-requisite for the position, the Higher Education Administration Masters student would most likely be an ideal candidate for this position in the International Affairs Office at Marywood University. The educational theory and management skills presented in the Higher Education program lend themselves well to the issues and instances that the graduate student will face while working in this office. Courses in Student Issues, Multicultural Counseling, as well as Communication Theory and Organizational Dynamics offer a meaningful background in preparing the graduate student to work with International students as they become acclimated to our campus, as well as with domestic students desiring to travel abroad during their course of study at Marywood.

A description of activities expected of the student follows:

  • Create a welcoming environment through an organized new student orientation for new International students
  • Offer continual support for international students through a continuing acculturation process following the orientation program
  • Assist international students with academic, social, physical needs as appropriate
  • Facilitate campus special events related to International groups and programming
  • Prepare for and attend Study Abroad fairs, Admissions Open House events promoting study abroad programs
  • Develop leadership and communication skills through classroom presentations on study abroad
  • Offer study abroad and intercultural communication advising to resident groups as requested
  • Promote study abroad as the valuable, life-changing experience that it presents
  • Manage the office website and social media pages to further promote the work of the International Affairs Office
  • Assist in the advising of the International Club on campus
  • Manage the mentorship program for new international students


Learing Resources Center-Ms. Julie Watson (half-time)

The Marywood Library graduate assistant provides research assistance at the Library’s Ask Here desk, addressing the diverse information needs of the Library’s users and selecting information products and services that best serve the individual user. The graduate assistant supports the library faculty in their scholarship endeavors, developing and enhancing interactive online research guides, contributing content to the Library’s blog and newsletter, and supporting the librarians’ various quantitative and qualitative research projects. The graduate assistant uses Twitter and Facebook to promote various library services and activities. S/he assists in preparing for the Library’s move into the new Learning Commons building in 2014. Upon completion of the assistantship, the student will have understanding of issues and techniques related to the creation, organization, management, access, and use of knowledge and information and will be able to apply this understanding to philosophical and practical problems across disciplines.

Music, Theatre and Dance-Dr. Merchel (full-time)

Graduate Assistantship – Public Events Coordinator for Marywood Performing Arts

Full-time (20 hours per week) assistantship requiring effective management and communication skills towards coordinating  public relations with the Marywood Marketing staff for 40-50 major public performing arts events and supervising the box office for 11-13 major performances over the course of the entire academic year. An interest in the fine arts and/or education preferred.

Nutrition Department-Dr. Harrison (half-time)

The work of the graduate assistant will enhance dietetic education at Marywood in the following ways: increasing faculty research productivity and publishing; improving outcomes measures for dietetic programs; enhancing data collection and analysis for accreditation; keeping alumni more aware of the current status of the Department; and increasing the number of undergraduate and graduate students choosing to attend Marywood. 

Psychological Services Center (full-time)

In this position, the graduate assistant will be involved in overseeing the administrative operations of the Psychological Services Center.  Some evening hours will be a requirement of this position as the PSC is open until 9pm Monday through Thursday.  The responsibilities include receiving clients coming into the clinic for their appointments, letting therapists know that their client has arrived, managing phone calls, monitoring the compliance of clinic therapists to the policy and procedures, managing a client database, managing client charts/files, participating in orientation trainings of new staff in the clinic, participating in outreach activities (e.g., mental health screening days), assisting with troubleshooting of any clinic/client difficulties that arise. The experience provided by this opportunity will enhance your resume.   


Psychology & Counseling-Dr. Barna (half-time)

The student should have a strong interest in professional counseling, particularly school counseling.  He or she should have research interests related to school counseling programs and academic achievement, student personal-social and career development, school counselor role, advocacy and accountability, and service learning as a teaching pedagogy.  Additionally, the student should be organized, timely, and able to work independently.  Strong writing and/or editing skills are preferred.  The student should expect to engage in a collaborative learning and supervision experience, and be prepared to share ideas and ask questions.  A major component of this assistantship will be working with other graduate students to improve their overall experience within the program.  Finally, the student should be familiar with Moodle, Word, and Power Point. Experience with Survey Monkey and basic website design would be helpful, but is not required.

Psychology & Counseling-Dr. Crawley (half-time)

The Research Assistant will be involved in all aspects of the research process from conducting library searches, to experimental design, data collection and analysis, public presentation of results, and grant writing.  The specific benefits and skills a student can expect to obtain from this position include the development of critical thinking and writing skills, library research experience, training in computers and technology such as the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), PowerPoint, and E-Prime (software for the implementation of experiments), and exposure to the grant writing process. The student will also have the opportunity to co-author at least one professional presentation and, depending on their level of contribution, may be able to co-author a manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. All of these experiences contribute to the professional development of students regardless of their specific program of study. 

Psychology & Counseling-Dr. Campenni (half-time)

Psychology professor seeks graduate student to assist in conducting research which investigates the quality and quantity of daily experiences of mindfulness and effective methods for cultivating mindfulness in the general population. The graduate assistant will work closely with the faculty member to review the current literature relevant to mindfulness, gather quantitative and qualitative data, conduct both qualitative and quantitative analysis of data and assist in the development and presentation of conference and manuscript submissions for publication. Graduate student will also provide tutoring to students enrolled in psychological statistics.  Candidates are required to have one full year of graduate statistics completed.

Psychology & Counseling-Dr. A. Dattel (half-time)

I am looking for a graduate student in psychology to work as a research graduate assistant in the Human Information Processing (HIP) Lab.  The HIP lab is an active research lab in McGowan Center conducting research studies in Human Factors, such as human limitations and capabilities in attention, situation awareness (the understanding of information in a dynamic environment), and training in the transportation domain (driving, flying, and controlling air traffic).  The lab is equipment with a flight simulator, an air traffic control simulator, a bus simulator, and a driving simulator.  The lab also is equipped with a heat rate variability monitor and an electromyogram to measure concentration and mental workload.  Several research assistants work in the lab, conducting several studies a year.  Research assistants are frequently coauthored on publications and have the opportunities to present work at conferences across the country.  The GA for this position will assist me in managing undergraduate research assistants, designing experiments, developing stimuli, collecting data, analyzing data, and preparing manuscripts for publication and grants.

Psychology & Counseling-Dr. O'Brien (half-time)

This assistantship involves participating in research dealing with self-esteem, narcissism, telemedicine, and traumatic stress.  The graduate assistant will be involved in all phases of the research process from designing to carrying out, analyzing, and writing up the results of studies.  The assistant will be involved in periodic editorial review work that includes participating in reviewing articles submitted to scientific journals, book publishers, and back-translation proposals for developing versions of my self-esteem inventory in other languages (currently this inventory has been translated into German, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Indonesian, and Nepali languages).  Student involvement may also include being a co-author on conference presentations and/or publications.  The assistantship will also support teaching activities related to telemedicine where students are being trained in assessment and intervention with interactive video technology.

School Psychology Program-Dr. Frank DeMatteo (half-time)

The graduate assistant’s primary responsibility will be to support the school psychology program’s development, recruitment, and maintenance.  Opportunity for scholarly writing and professional presentations is available and involvement in outcomes assessment for accreditation is required. Collaborative skills and strong attention to detail are required. Exceptional oral and written communication skills are expected. School psychology majors are encouraged to apply.

Science-Dr. Lisa Antoniacci (full-time)

Applicants applying for a graduate assistantship position working under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Antoniacci should have a Bachelor’s degree in Science (Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology).  The applicant should be a student pursuing a Masters in Biotechnology. Previous experience as a lab assistant, research student, or held a position in the biotech industry is preferred. The research involves several facets of chromatin activity and the regulation of this activity at the nuclear envelope in yeast.  The graduate assistant will be expected to 1). Use the current literature to sustain the research project, 2). Maintain a detailed lab notebook, 3). Optimize and troubleshoot research protocols, 4). Work independently in a lab setting, and 5). Communicate findings/data with the scientific community.

Science-Dr. Christopher Brey (full-time)

The Marywood Science Department’s Genetics laboratory seeks a highly motivated graduate student with a background in genetics, molecular biology and basic laboratory skills to work for one academic year (20hr/week) on a biomedical research project. 

The primary activities include but are not limited to:

•     Transform C. elegans via microinjection

•    Perform Mendelian crosses with C. elegans

  • Conduct Microscopy (light and fluorescence)
  • Conduct nematode and bacterial colony maintenance
  • Perform basic molecular techniques (PCR, cloning, nucleic acid extractions etc.)
  • Meet with the laboratory PI on a weekly basis to discuss research progress


Required Skills/Experience:

  • Current enrollment in Marywood Biotech MS degree program
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.2/4.0
  • Willingness/ability to take direction and work in a team based environment
  • Biology BS or related degree
  • Aseptic working technique


Science-Dr. Robin Ertl (half-time)

Graduate Assistantship opening for a person seeking to explore the field of biochemical toxicology/biochemical evolution to understand the consequences of ocean acidification resulting from a variety of sources including greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.  Candidates for the position should have a minimum of wet lab experience associated with undergraduate courses and have successfully completed one or more of the following, Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology, Environmental Chemistry, Genetics or equivalent courses.  Students with undergrad research experience or who have completed internships in science are preferred. 

Social Work-Dr. Keller (half-time)

 Graduate students are invited to apply for a graduate assistant position in the School of Social Work and Administrative Studies.  This administrative assistantship consists of responsibilities related to recruitment/marketing; program planning, development and evaluation and general administrative tasks.  The graduate assistant will work with the Director of the School.  The applicant should have good organizational skills an interest in research and administration as well as adequate time to give to the job responsibilities. Microsoft office, internet applications, SPSS and web composing software skills are preferred. 

Social Work-Dr. Sinha (half-time)

This graduate research assistantship involves conducting research on issues related to HIV prevention, sex work, trafficking, race, class, gender and sexuality under the guidance and mentorship of the faculty. Outstanding work may lead to opportunities to co-author articles for publications and presentations at prestigious venues/conferences.

Social Work-Sr. Kim/Dr. Dawoody (half-time)

We are looking for a talented, gifted, motivated, and committed MSW student who has a deep interest in working on refugee research studies.  We prefer a student who took the research classes, and thus has a basic understanding and knowledge of mixed-methodology (quantitative & qualitative) research, data collection and data analysis.  Good written/expressive language skills are necessary for faculty and student communication as well as for student and faculty national and international presentation opportunities.

Social Work-Dr. L. Hutchings (half-time)

The graduate assistantship opportunity working with Dr. Lynn Hutchings involves:

1) assisting with collaborative, interdisciplinary research projects designed to support quality of life and enhance well-being among vulnerable populations, including people with intellectual disabilities and older adults;

2) providing support for all aspects of the research process from inception of research projects to dissemination of research findings;

3) developing and maintaining communication with community providers and service agencies for help in the identification of potential research participants and also to work to develop collaborative student research projects;

4) involvement in projects that may span a number of diverse disciplines including social work, art therapy, physical therapy, and architecture/the impact of the built environment;

5) assisting in documenting MSW program outcomes for the upcoming reaccreditation process.

The successful candidate will have strong written and verbal communication skills, an interest in and commitment to research, and the organizational skills necessary to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Social Work-Dr. Chapman/Dr. Tanaka (half-time)

Collaborative quantitative data analysis, co-authoring research reports, and grant proposal development opportunity are available for an MSW student who is interested in the area of mental health, particularly psychiatric rehabilitation. Task assignments will include literature search, quantitative data management and analysis by using SPSS, co-authoring research reports, and grant proposal development. This assistantship is specifically geared toward disseminating research findings through scholarly journal publication and conference presentation as well as starting a research grant proposal for future research. The student must be familiar to SPSS and statistical analysis as well as scientific writing and must have good communication skills.

Additionally, the graduate assistant will support Dr. Chapman in the research and scholarly activities associated with investigating the effectiveness of a social intervention with participants at area senior centers in the Scranton and Wilkes-Barre region.

Social Work Lehigh Valley-Dr. Gigler/Dr. Black (half-time)

Candidates are invited to submit applications to serve as a Graduate Assistant (GA) in the School of Social Work and Administrative Studies, Lehigh Valley Program on the campus of DeSales University. Applicants must be current enrollees or matriculants in the School of Social Work and Administrative Studies with sufficient time to dedicate to the position.  Preference will be given to part-time or full-time students who have completed at least one year of MSW study.  The candidate should have an interest and some expertise in scholarship as well as administrative and organizational abilities, and interpersonal skills, including the ability to interact with a range of constituents (students, faculty, staff and community practitioners).  Computer software and internet literacy skills are required.

Social Work Pocono Program-Dr. Lyter (half-time)

The graduate assistant will work with the Coordinator, Pocono Program at East Stroudsburg University in support of the growth of program enrollment through a variety of activities such as coordination with various constituencies at East Stroudsburg University, local social service agencies, and the program’s enrolled students. Activities will include development of marketing and recruitment materials; scheduling and participating in drop in sessions for the purpose of recruitment of new students; scheduling and coordinating continuing education activities both on campus and in social service agencies; and other activities supportive of the Pocono Program and the Institute for Social Work Research, Education, and Consultation.

Social Work and Administrative Studies - Dr Alice Mc Donnell /Ms Deirdre Spelman (half-time)

MSW students preferably doing a joint degree in Public Administration, Health Services Administration or  Gerontology are invited to apply for a shared graduate assistant position in the School of Social Work and Administrative Studies.  This administrative assistantship consists of dual responsibilities in both the in the Administrative Studies program  and in the  MSW Field Education program. In the Administrative Studies program the student will be working  with Dr. McDonnell  with tasks related  to recruitment/marketing; grant development and research.  In the  MSW Field Education program the student will be working with Deirdre Spelman, Director of Field education for the Scranton and Central PA programs with tasks related to developing online field modules for students and agency field instructors, in the development of resources for students and field instructors and participate in the Field Education committee and evaluation processes. The applicant should have an interest in research and administration , good organizational skills, the ability to manage multiple projects and good  interpersonal skills, including the ability to interact with a range of constituents (students, faculty, staff and community practitioners). 

If you have questions about the Ph.D. Program in Human Development scholarship and assistantship programs at Marywood University please contact me.

Frank T. Falcone, MS, MBA
Coordinator of Graduate Affairs
Office of the Provost/Academic Vice-President
(570) 348-6211 ext. 2356
Liberal Arts Center Room 200