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Installation detail, L-R: Chihung Yang, Seeds, Leaves, and Others (1989); Chihung Yang, Sonnet of Orchid and Bone (1988); Tony Wong, untitled (1984).

Maslow Gallery
Feb 04, 2013 - Mar 01, 2013

The current exhibition in The Maslow Study Gallery was installed for Pamela Parsons’ painting students. The selected paintings from The Maslow Collection explore a wide range of techniques and processes, from sketches to heavy impasto, and content exploring allegory, myth making, botanical studies, still life, and pastiche. 

The rage of winter, driving one to despair and the irrational, can be seen in the allegorical painting by Robert Jessup titled Winter from 1987. Tony Wong’s large untitled painting from 1984 expresses a mythological encounter employing a rich and dense palette that is built on the canvas as the paint is applied directly from the tube. Using another seasonal title, Anne Abrons, presents a still life titled Fall, completed in 1991. David Hornung, the author of a book on color theory that is widely used by art students, presents a view of nature that juxtaposes familiar elements in a constructed unified image. Two works on paper by Chihung Yang titled Sonnet of Orchid and Bone (1988) and Seeds, Leaves, and Others (1989) present studies from nature using acrylic, pastel, charcoal and pencil. The one untitled non-objective work in this exhibition by Nancy Haynes, a study in black and white, completes the range of possible subject matter in this exhibition.

The installation of the works in this exhibition was carried out by the curator with the assistance of Nicole Zarick, the student intern working with The Maslow Collection this semester.

Installation detail, L-R: David Hornung, Icon to an Ice Age (1988); Chihung Yang, Seeds, Leaves, and Others (1989); Chihung Yang, Sonnet of Orchid and Bone (1988); Tony Wong, untitled (1984).

Installation detail, L-R: Nancy Haynes, untitled (1989); Anne Abrons, Fall (1990); Robert Jessup, Winter (1987); Robert Jessup, Watchful Father (1987).

Installation detail, L-R: Anne Abrons, Fall (1990); Robert Jessup, Winter (1987); Robert Jessup, Watchful Father (1987).

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