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Living With Our Peers' Art

Suraci Gallery
Feb 01, 2013 - Mar 01, 2013

The art collections in the homes of Marywood University art faculty include artwork owned by and/or traded with other art faculty. These works provide an ongoing visual dialogue with peers in and out of the studio and classroom.

According to Sandra Povse, director of Marywood Art Galleries, “Our art faculty possess a rich resource –– that of owning artwork of other Marywood art faculty that they have traded for and/or acquired from over the years. This exhibition gives us the opportunity to see some of that artwork, recirculate it if you will, for a brief time. Many of the pieces, most likely, will be different from current bodies of work; they may be unique, from a short–lived but potent series, a study, a maquette, etc., and most likely possess the seeds of current work and the identifiable hand of the artist. Living With Our Peers’ Art offers the viewer an insight into the art faculty members’ sensibilities, preferences, and visual dialogue with one another.”

Thirty­-seven works are featured by present and former art faculty from the collections of current Marywood University art faculty: Steven Alexander, Julie Barnofski, Steven Brower, Dennis Corrigan, Christa Felice, Marguerite I. Fuller, Robert Griffith, Lisa Hinkle, Peter Hoffer, Sue Jenkins, Christine Medley, John Meza, Catherine Moon, Sam Olfano, Pamela Parsons, Matt Povse, Sandra Ward Povse, and Mark Webber.

Installation detail.

Matt Povse, Green Bowl, 1991, 21x21" 

Robert Griffith, Totem, 1990,

Installation detail, L to R: Peter Hoffer, Robert Griffith, Mark Webber, Dennis Corrigan

Mark Webber, Dimmock, oil on panel, 1998, 5x10"

Installation detail

Steven Alexander, Kali, acrylic on canvas, 2007, 24x18"

John Meza, color print, 20x16"

Installation detail, L to R: Sue Jenkins, Julie Barnofski, Christa Felice

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