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Sandy Skoglund (left) Something on the Wall and (right) The Laws of Interior Design

Maslow Gallery
Sep 24, 2012 - Oct 08, 2012

The current exhibition in The Maslow Study Gallery was installed for Dr. Linda Partridge’s Art Criticism class.  The students selected three artists from The Maslow Collection to research. One component of their research is to locate reviews written in the 1980s that included these works, or similar works by the artists selected.

The three individual works selected are Chuck Close’s Phil III, 1982, handmade paper employing a ¼ inch grid; Sherrie Levine’s Meltdown, 1989, a series of four wood block prints; and Sandy Skoglund’s Something on the Wall, 1968, acrylic on canvas.

The curator chose to add three additional works that create a dialogue with the student selected works including a second work by Sandy Skoglund, The Laws of Interior Design, 1986, a dye transfer print; Francesco Clemente’s untitled, 1984, a wood block print self portrait; and one of the newest additions to The Maslow Collection, a constructed photograph by Jane Hammond titled Touch-Up from 2009.

The students will meet again in the gallery following their research to discuss both the works and the results of their research.

This exhibition was designed and installed with the assistance of The Maslow Study Gallery intern, Katherine Camoni.

Left to right: Chuck Close, Phil III; Sherrie Levine, Meltdown; and Jane Hammond, Touch-Up.

Detail, Sherrie Levine's Meltdown, and right: Touch-Up by Jane Hammond.

Left to right: Francesco Clemente, untitled, and Sandy Skoglund's Something on the Wall and The Laws of Interior Design

Left to right: Francesco Clemente, untitled, and Sandy Skoglund's Something on the Wall

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