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GOOD WORK - The Illustration Art Invitational

David Cowles, Beatles

Suraci Gallery
Sep 08, 2014 - Oct 19, 2014

Illustrators vary greatly in how they solve problems of storytelling, each striving to create attention-grabbing and memorable imagery.

In 2012 many of the top image-makers in the business were invited to contribute one piece to a traveling show that would – fittingly – illustrate the diversity of styles within the field. The challenge: enter your best or favorite piece. The result: an excellent survey of contemporary approaches by 57 internationally known illustrators. Comprised of uniformly sized prints, this exhibition allows an at-a-glance overview of prevailing styles. More than half of the works were created with traditional materials; oils, acrylics, pencil, ink, watercolor, pastel, collage, and found objects. The originals vary in size from a few inches to several feet tall. The rest were created in digital media and exist as digital files only.

Besides the obvious range of visual styles on display, you'll see an equally varied representation of conceptual styles. Some of the pieces provoke thought, some provoke laughter, some evoke a strong emotional response. Others were intended primarily to be beautiful. Different as they are, each was created with the same goal in mind: to turn an idea into an image, and communicate.

Illustrators: Daniel Adel, Terry Allen, Tom Bachtell, Melinda Beck, Guy Billout, Juliette Borda, Steve Brodner, Lou Brooks, Calef Brown, Philip Burke, Kathy Calderwood, Dave Calver, Andre Carrilho, Michael Cho, David Cowles, Brian Cronin, Jose Cruz, Paul Davis, Roger DeMuth, Debbie Drechsler, Henrik Drescher, Randall Enos, Vivienne Flesher, Douglas Fraser, Drew Friedman, Maria Friske, Milton Glaser, Eddy Guy, Danny Hellman, John Hersey, John Kascht, Stephen Kroninger, Anita Kunz, Peter Kuper, Chris Lyons, Wilson McLean, Bill Mayer, Ross MacDonald, Mark Matcho, Hanoch Piven, C.F. Payne, Chris Pyle, Robert Risko, Edel Rodriguez, Laurie Rosenwald, Richard Sala, Zina Saunders, David Sheldon, Owen Smith, Bob Staake, Nancy Stahl, Ward Sutton, Gary Taxali, Murray Tinkelman, Mark Ulriksen, Kirsten Ulve, and James Yang. 

GOOD WORK is the first of two illustration exhibitions featured this fall in the Suraci Gallery. DRAFTSMANSHIP and STORYTELLING:  Art from the Golden Age of American Illustration will be on display October 24–December 7.

Kathy Calderwood, Lemon Kingdom

Installation detail.

L to R: Steve Brodner, Obamaloon; Lou Brooks, Biz As Usual; Calef Brown, White Boy Fashion Saloon; Philip Burke, Obama; Kathy Calderwood, Lemon Kingdom.

L to R: Mark Ulriksen, The Time We Met Bill and Hillary; Kirsten Ulve, Children Are The Future; James Yang, Birdland.

L to R: Ward Sutton, Freak; Gary Taxali, Angry Knee; Murray Tinkelman, Bride of Frankenstein.

L to R: Randall Enos, Mocha Dick; Vivienne Flesher, Untitled.

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