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Maslow Gallery
Oct 15, 2012 - Oct 29, 2012

The works in the current exhibition in The Maslow Study Gallery were selected by the Maslow curator along with Gina Rice, instructor for one section of the 2d and 3d Design classes at Marywood.

A number of artists included in The Maslow Collection produce both works on paper, as well as sculpture.  Three of these artists are included in this exhibition: Anthony Sorce with an assemblage piece titled 364-6-10, 1965; Mel Kendrick with Basswood with Clay and Holes, 1986, and four prints from his ‘untitled’ series of six woodcuts from 1990; and Kevin O’Toole with both the sculpture, and study for the sculpture, titled LWR 86-92, 1992.  The remaining works in the exhibition that are more closely associated with 2d design include: Richard Kalina’s Pretext, 1989; two prints from Peter Halley’s series A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, NJ, 1989; Alan Uglow’s Drawing #1, 1989, and Al Held’s large print that generates great movement and depth within the 2 dimensional space Straits of Magellan, 1986.  This exhibition also includes a work that was in the previous installation in The Maslow Study Gallery, Phil III, 1982 by Chuck Close.

This exhibition was designed and installed with the assistance of The Maslow Study Gallery intern, Katherine Camoni.

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