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L to R: Felix Gonzales Torres's untitled (death by gun), 1990; and Prison, 1987 by Peter Halley

Maslow Gallery
Sep 23, 2013 - Oct 14, 2013

The selection of works for this installation was based on a request from professor Stephanie Wise to create an exhibition that would engage her art therapy students in a dialogue on ethics.

It should be understood that most of the artists represented in this exhibition did not create their works with a direct intent to address ethics, though a few of them certainly do have specific and real concerns with social and environmental issues. The challenge for the viewer coming into the gallery for this exhibition is to keep in mind the word "ethics" and determine in what way the works presented may raise or resonate with ethical issues.

This installation includes:Robert Rauschenberg's Signs, 1970; Andy Warhol's $1; Peter Halley's Prison, 1987, Limited Partners, 1990; one of Jenny Holzer's Inflammatory Essay, 1979-82; Scott Kelley's Shores of Perth 3, 1988; Robert Longo's Jules, Gretchen, Mark State II, 1982-3; Edward Ruscha's Sin, 1970; Jane Hammond's The Touch-up, 2009; Mark Cohen's Legs/Corduroy Shorts, 1972, Girl Holding Popsicle, May 1972, Girls Hiding from Camera, February 1972; Felix Gonzales Torres's untitled (death by gun), 1990; and Alfredo Jaar's Katale Refugee Camp (Rwanda Project), 1996.

The installation of the works in this exhibition was carried out by the curator along with the assistance of Amanda Hinkel and Kristen Mary Draeger, two of the student interns working with The Maslow Collection this semester. Additional research to assemble a range of thought provoking case materials was done by Abby Miller, graduate gallery assistant.

L to R: Legs/Corduroy Shorts, 1972, Girls Hiding from Camera, February 1972, Girl Holding Popsicle, May 1972 by Mark Cohen; The Touch-up, 2009 by Jane Hammond

L: The Touch-up, 2009 by Jane Hammond; R: Alfredo Jaar's Katale Refugee Camp (Rwanda Project), 1996

L: Alfredo Jaar's Katale Refugee Camp (Rwanda Project), 1996; R: Signs, 1970 by Robert Rauschenberg

L to R: Scott Kelley's Shores of Perth 3, 1988; Jenny Holzer's Inflammatory Essay, 1979-82; and Limited Partners, 1990 by Peter Halley

L to R: Limited Partners, 1990 by Peter Halley; $1 by Andy Warhol; Robert Longo's Jules, Gretchen, Mark State II, 1982-3; and Edward Rusha's Sin, 1970

L to R: Limited Partners, 1990 by Peter Halley; $1 by Andy Warhol; and Robert Longo's Jules, Gretchen, Mark State II, 1982-3

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