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Karen Reid, North Sea

Mahady Gallery
Oct 20, 2012 - Nov 18, 2012

The exhibition looks conceptually at Nature through the eyes, hands, and minds of nine regional artists whose work often references natural origins and the environment: John Bromberg, Nannette Burti, Susan Scranton Dawson, Marguerite I. Fuller, Trudy Gerlach, Earl W. Lehman, Karl O. Neuroth, Leigh Pawling, and Karen Reid.

Reception: October 20, 6–8 PM

Installation detail.

John Bromberg, The Alignment Series Revisited

Trudy Gerlach, Untitled, graphite

Susan Scranton Dawson, Gold Leaf, 30x57.5"

Leigh Pawling, Sunflower B&W-43, acrylic on paper, 77x41"

Foreground: Nannette M. Burti, Watchers I and II, stoneware clay, each 9.5" x 8" x 8"

Background, Right: Nannette M. Burti, Leading Edge, stoneware clay, 19 x 9.5 x 8" 

Background: Earl W. Lehman, I was Born in California, acrylic on board, 37.5" x 80.5"

Nannette M. Burti, Unit Seven, stoneware clay, 20" x 20" x 4"

Karl Neuroth, Untitled, embossed print series, 2012, 5' x 14.5'

Installation detail:

Front: Karen Reid, Highlands Series

Rear: Susan Scranton Dawson 

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