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PHOTOGRAPHIC SELECTIONS from The Maslow Collection

Installation view.

Maslow Gallery
Feb 24, 2012 - Mar 12, 2012

This installation coincides with, and is meant to complement, the two other photography exhibitions currently installed in the Marywood galleries: Photography on Campus, and Lost Voices: A Remembrance-Poland 1940-1945. The selection of photographs from The Maslow Collection for this exhibition was therefore based on an expectation of works (considering the range of possible themes) that would be submitted by faculty, students, and staff on campus for the Photography on Campus exhibition in the Mahady Gallery, as well as considering certain formal aspects in the photographs by Dr. Michael Mirabito in the Suraci Gallery in which his images express the human loss and horror experienced in the WWII Nazi concentration camps in German occupied Poland. Clearly, there are no images in The Maslow Collection that address the conditions and experience of such magnitude and emotional depth as those exhibited by Dr. Mirabito, at best a selection of works from The Maslow Collection that may express absence and loss in some respect is all that could be done to approach a relationship to his photographs.

The other themes that are addressed in the Maslow Study Gallery exhibition pertain to: ‘’objects/objectification’, primarily the photographic strategy of identifying and selecting out specific elements within their contextual environment for study and contemplation;  ‘the snapshot’ that captures the individual in routine movement and acts; ‘the event’ which documents a particular moment of shared experience; ‘humor’ (in the work by William Wegman); and for the sake of a better term ‘the postcard’ that aims at detailing the context and possible experience of the place in view.

Works by Lee Friedlander, Evelyn Hofer, Bernice Abbott, Hilla and Bernd Becher, Hamish Fulton, Mark Cohen, Todd Watts, William Wegman,  Gainfranco Gorgoni, and Denny Moers are included in this exhibition.

Installation view.

Installation view.

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