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Installation detail.

Maslow Gallery
Mar 16, 2012 - Apr 06, 2012

An exhibition curated by Nicole Claase, senior arts administration major, in conjunction with her honors thesis, "Contextualizing in Curating: A development of theory, reasoning, and participation."


The idea that there may be various levels of engagement for the visitor in an exhibition is based on the premise that the curator has the discretion to enable the art to become more perceptible to the viewer. There are no necessary rules to the game of curating a show, and therefore the art may be juxtaposed to fulfill many contexts and concepts. Modes of Engagement focuses on a selection of artwork from The Maslow Collection that touches on the idea of participation.

Except for the artist, the viewer cannot fathom every known fact about a piece of art. In this exhibition, the artwork thrives on the idea of ‘being explored’. The works in the exhibition include Roger Boyce’s Succession, 1986; Robert Cumming’s Red Perceives Only a Bulb in the Outline, 1979; Hamish Fulton’s The Sky Lark and the Frog, 1986; Peter Halley’s Limited Partners, 1990, and A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, NJ (two works); Edward Henderson’s untitled (L), 1989; Gary Lang’s Back Out, 1988; Sherrie Levine’s Meltdown, 1989 (series of 4); Sol Lewitt’s Serial Systems, 1977; and Frank Stella’s Singerli Variation Squared with Colored Ground IV, 1981.

The exhibition title is meant to serve as a catalyst and context for understanding the artwork. While becoming involved in the mental and visual participation stop and think why is this piece placed here? What exactly is happening in each work? How am I being engaged? Explore the gallery space and artwork; create dialogue on the premise that the artwork should lead to opinion, interpretation, and the experience.

The curatorial development and installation of this exhibition has been carried out by Nicole Claase in support of her honors thesis entitled “Contextualizing in Curating: A development of theory, reasoning and participation”.

Installation detail.

Installation detail.

Nicole Claase, senior arts administration major

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