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Installation detail, L to R: Roy Lichtenstein’s Two Paintings Sleeping Muse, 1984; Untitled (self portrait) by Francesco Clemente, 1984

Maslow Gallery
Jan 18, 2013 - Feb 10, 2013

The current exhibition in The Maslow Study Gallery was installed for Peter Hoffer’s printmaking students who are working on woodcut prints this semester. The selected prints from The Maslow Collection explore the range of image making techniques and effects that are possible with woodcuts, and additional mixed media processes.

The untitled self portrait by Francesco Clemente that is often read as a watercolor was printed in the Japanese process know as ukiyo-e, a popular technique form the 17th and 18th centuries that uses multiple blocks for each color (for this work by Clemente 22 woodblocks and 14 colors were used). More straight forward black and white woodblock prints by Mel Kendrick and Susan Rothenberg exhibit a range of textural and tonal possibilities through this printmaking process. Meltdown by Sherrie Levine presents a conceptual and technological rendering down of four well-known paintings to the relative saturation of color that a 1980s piece of computer software could detect.  Multiple printmaking processes involving woodblock, lithography and screen printing are scene in Roy Lichtenstein’s Two Paintings Sleeping Muse, while relief-print etching and woodcut are utilized in Frank Stella’s Pergusa Three – State I. The other work by Lichtenstein in the exhibition, a color woodcut titled Dr. Waldman, clearly shows the grain of the wood.

The installation of the works in this exhibition was carried out by the curator with the assistance of Nicole Zarick, the student intern working with The Maslow Collection this semester.

Installation detail L to R: Phil III by Chuck Close, 1982; Meltdown by Sherrie Levine, 1989; Roy Lichtenstein’s Two Paintings Sleeping Muse, 1984

Installation detail L to R: Meltdown by Sherrie Levine, 1989, Roy Lichtenstein’s Two Paintings Sleeping Muse, 1984; Untitled (self portrait) by Francesco Clemente, 1984 

Installation detail, L to R: Dr. Waldman by Roy Lichtenstein, 1980; Susan Rothenberg's Head and Bones, 1983; Frank Stella’s Pergusa Three – State I, 1983; Mel Kendrick, Untitled, 1990; Mel Kendrick, Basswood with Clay and Holes, 1986; Mel Kendrick, Untitled, 1990

Installation detail, L to R: Mel Kendrick, Untitled, 1990; Mel Kendrick, Basswood with Clay and Holes, 1986; Mel Kendrick, Untitled, 1990

Installation detai, L to R: Dr. Waldman by Roy Lichtenstein, 1980; Susan Rothenberg's Head and Bones, 1983; Frank Stella’s Pergusa Three – State I, 1983

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