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Laura Duerwald: STRATA

Template #7, 10" x 10"

Suraci Gallery
Feb 25, 2017 - Mar 26, 2017

The paintings of Laura Duerwald are not actually painted. They are constructed out of materials - paper, graphite, linen, wax - through an intuitive process of addition and subtraction. They employ an acute sensitivity to the character of each element, and the poetic possibilities of their various combinations. Reflecting a deep interest in the order and randomness of the natural world, Duerwald's grid structures provide an armature for her improvisations. From a distance, extremes of value, color and texture meld into dynamic fields that possess a teeming opticality, while up close, they assert their supple materiality. Referencing ancient tactile processes of weaving and hand-building, Duerwald's paintings evoke ageless connections to the earth and to the primal aspects of human sensibility.

Reception: Feb 25, 6-8 pm

Petit Four #1, 12" x 9"

Petit Four #2, 12" x 9"

Template #8, 72" x 50"

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