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Huner Emin MFA Painting

Maslow Gallery
May 06, 2017 - May 20, 2017

This current installation in The Maslow Study Gallery is not drawn from The Maslow Collection but rather is one component of Huner Emin's graduate exhibition.  The Maslow Gallery was best suited for this installation and the Maslow curator worked with the artist in preparing the installation.  The following text was written by Huner and constitutes the text panel within the exhibition:

Blood Washing – Honor Killing

     "I was born and raised in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan). This area suffers from Honor Killing, where usually women are found victims of suppressed, tribal and conservative society. There was an incident in my life that my neighbor and I could have been victims of the Honor Killing tradition. Which made me realize that there is a lack of communication between both genders.

Blood Washing is a direct translation from the Kurdish Language. It has a positive connotation to my ear, opposite to its deed. Usually, when a person commits a crime of such is praised in the society for honorable action. The twist understanding of killing for the sake of family honor had caused many families and individuals to experience inner indecisiveness in-between right or wrong. I want to bring two sides of the conflict to create a dialogue between man and woman. That is why my artwork consists of dualities thinking Physical Vs time, heart Vs mind, and Man vs Woman. Blood

Blood Washing / Honor Killing is a component of printmaking sketches and video art. I wanted the audience to be between two experiences of material versus video (time). The sketches of uterus in various shapes are printed on latex, symbol of female virginity or sexuality, placed on light boxes. Opposite, to the light of the boxes there is light of the videos which represent Men. Fingerprinting, stimulating, pouring… the camera shots is VOP from ground up into a glass where the performance is taking place. I wanted to face both genders lights to face each other because I think violence starts when there is no more communication."

The Installation includes:

Video Art Performance / Installation art

Video: 6 Minutes / installation: Oil colors on Latex and Polyethylene Plastic

Installation Size: 18 frames of 17 x 14 inches

Huner also includes the following credits:

Assistance: Annmarie Holler

Technical Assistance: Tim Clauss

Supervisors: Robert Schweitzer

                       Steven Alexander

                       Pamela Parson

                       Dr. Linda Dugan Partridge

                       Peter Hoffer

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