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David Row, Quanta

Suraci Gallery
Sep 08, 2015 - Oct 18, 2015

AMERICAN ABSTRACT ARTISTS – 75th Anniversary Print Portfolio

The American Abstract Artists organization was founded in 1936 in New York City to promote and foster understanding of abstract and non-objective art. AAA’s 75th anniversary portfolio is a collection of prints by 48 artists that provides an overview of abstraction and presents an encyclopedic range of vivid abstract imagery. The group’s first digitally produced portfolio, comprised entirely of inkjet prints, embraces progressive technologies and advancements in an artistic tradition, and marks both a technical and conceptual shift in printmaking.

Gallery Talk: September 30 @ 3 PM given by Steven Alexander

We are very pleased to bring the American Abstract Artists' 75th Anniversary Print Portfolio to the Suraci Gallery at Marywood University. We hope that our students and community will seize the opportunity to spend time with this exhibition -- to allow it to reveal the wealth of experience, and the spirit of deep visual investigation that is built into each piece.

Our thanks goes to AAA member Creighton Michael for facilitating our acquisition of the exhibition, and to Daniel Hill, president of AAA for overseeing the national tour of the portfolio. We also thank the artists, AAA members, for the generosity and inventiveness that permeates this work.     …Steven Alexander, Professor of Visual Arts, AAA Member

Link: Thumbprints of Artists' Work

Daniel G. Hill, untitled

Installation detail.

Installation detail.

Installation detail.

Robert Storr, untitled

Installation detail.

Thornton Willis, untitled

Nola Zirin, untitled

Installation detail.

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