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Kate Anderson (St. Louis, MO)Mickey, knotted waxed linen and stainless steel, 16.5"h x 33"w

Mahady Gallery
Sep 06, 2014 - Oct 05, 2014

CONSIDERING THE KYLIX: Contemporary Interpretations of a Classical Form

The multi–disciplinary, invitational exhibition is curated by Maleyne M. Syracuse in conjunction with Peters Valley School of Craft. The kylix, the original ceremonial wine cup, first appeared as early as 900 BCE in ancient Greece. The word "chalice," the term used for the sacred ceremonial wine cup in Christian ecclesiastical services, is derived, via the Latin "calix," from the Greek "kylix." The kylix has appeared from time to time over the centuries, as artisans have recreated or reinterpreted the form using materials, processes, and aesthetics suited to their time. Contemporary craft artists were asked to reinterpret the form in their own style and materials. 

The exhibition includes over 50 contemporary interpretations by 45 artists working in metal, wood, glass, clay, beading, felt, fibers, jewelry, and mixed media.

Participating Artists: Kate Anderson, Bennett Bean, John Beaver, Lanny Bergner, Doug Beube, Ricky Boscarino, Charissa Brock, Harlan W. Butt, Steve Cook, Karen Copensky, Cappy Counard, Bruce Dehnert, Sarah Doremus, Liz Alpert Fay, Harvey Fein, Jonathan Garcia, Lindsay Ketterer Gates, Susan Taylor Glasgow, Jenne Giles, Susan D. Harris, Jan Hopkins, Jan Huling, Lissa Hunter, Beth Ireland, Kay Kahn, Jim Lawton, Jennifer Falck Linssen, Ana M. Lopez, Susan Madacsi, Thomas Mann, Carol Milne, Kristin Muller/Karli Scott, Graeme Priddle, Joey Richardson, Czashka Ross, Lee Sauder, Elizabeth Whyte Schulze, Tommy Simpson, Malcolm Mobutu Smith, Missy Stevens, Mara Superior, Shoko Teruyama, James Viste, Raychel Wengenroth, and Sasha Zhitneva.

Curator's Talks: Sept 17, 3 PM and Sept 19, 6 PM followed by a reception at 7 PM

Doug Beube (Brooklyn, NY), Kylix, altered book and wood stand, 3.25 x 8 x 5.25"

Carol Milne (Seattle, WA), Kiss Kylixkiln cast lead crystal, 11 x 6.5 x 14"

Lee Sauder (Lexington, VA), The Wicked Kylix o'Praxiteles, forge welded and melted nails and barbed wire, 9 x 10 x 15"l x 10"w x 9"h

Jennifer Falck Linssen (Green Bay, WI), Undone, archival cotton paper, aluminum, waxed linen, paint and varnish, 9 x 27.5 x 25"

Foreground, Bruce Dehnert (Layton, NJ), Trellis, earthenware clay, 14 x 13 x 13"

Kay Khan (Santa Fe, NM), The Coil, silk and felt, quilted and embroidered over wood substructure, 12 x 26 x 14"

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