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Read Michael's blog as he studies abroad for the Fall 2014 semester in Beijing, China!

The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

There's a wide world waiting for you out there!

Eighty-five percent of Marywood Foreign Language majors are able to enjoy the rich experience of living and studying abroad. Since 1987 Marywood has enjoyed a collaborative agreement with the Institute of Spanish Studies, Valencia, Spain and each year students study there.  You can choose this or another accredited program in Europe or Latin America.  Programs are available for a summer, a semester or an academic year. Your classmates, professors and Marywood alumni can help you select the ideal program for you.

What Students Are Saying

"Studying abroad is one of the best ways to learn a language. Going abroad in the summer helped me easily finish my Spanish Minor given the coursework Pre-PA's have during the semester. As a Physician Assistant working in this area of the US, I will be able to provide better care to a broader spectrum of patients with my increased understanding of the Spanish language that came with my time spent abroad in Valencia."

-- Jeanne Russo

Spanish Minor & Pre-Physician Assistant Major

"Studying in Valencia for a month over the summer was an experience that has impacted me in too many ways to count; from the new people I met to the delicious food I ate and the adventures I shared. Valencia will always hold a special place in my heart. Living in a different country for a month not only helped me to become a well-rounded person, but it also took me out of my comfort zone, and this will definitely benefit me in my future career as a physician assistant."

-- Mackenzie Goodwin

Spanish Minor & Pre-Physician Assistant Major

"My time in Sevilla, Spain really helped my Spanish. Even though I could only go for two weeks, I got the opportunity to hear native speakers and understand the culture significantly better. As a speech language pathology major studying abroad during the school year is basically impossible, but going for a short time in the summer fit my schedule perfectly. My time is Sevilla was great, because of the friends I made, the places I visited, and my rekindled love for learning Spanish."

-- Emily Osborne

Minor in Spanish & Speech Language Pathology Major

"My travels to France have really made me more confident in speaking the language. It’s really neat to now see pictures of places in text books or class and say, “Hey! I’ve been there!” I believe my travels have really influenced the way that I now look at learning languages. Now I can’t wait to discover more of the world."

-- Melanie Kobela

Spanish/French Education Major

"I don't know how to sum up my entire experience in just a few words, but regardless, i'll try. My trip this summer to Valencia to study abroad for one summer semester was unbelievable. It was amazing how completely different the culture and way of living is to ours. You can be so incredibly blind and clueless to other's living around the world without being aware of it. Through this program I was not only able to learn the culture, language, and history, but I was able to become familiar with the people themselves. Everything about Valencia was welcoming and people-orientated. Everyone was friendly and sociable; they were excited to talk to Americans and learn English. Therefore, I constantly met and/or spent time with new individuals and natives to Spain. Also, I had the opportunity to visit other villages and cities within Spain through the institute and on my own time. It was a great to have the chance to travel and explore other places while i studied abroad. It was an unforgettable experience and I plan on possibly returning next summer to continue learning about the country, culture, and people."

-- Whitney Vargas

International Business & Spanish Major

"Valencia fue increíble. Fue una maravillosa experiencia de aprendizaje. He aprendido mucho sobre la sociedad y la cultura de España y he aprendido mucho sobre mí mismo. Los habitantes de España son muy buenos y el ambiente y las vistas son bonitas. No sólo tenía un tiempo increíble, yo también tenía una familia increíble! Mi profesor de la ISS era una maravilla tambien. Fue una oportunidad increíble y creo que me he beneficiado enormemente de ella. Mis habilidades de habla mejoraron drásticamente de estudiar allí y vivir con una familia de habla española. Antes de salir de Valencia, que ya estaba tratando de hacer planes para volver. España es simplemente increíble."

-- Kasey Lynn

English & Spanish Major

My study abroad experience in Pau, France greatly increased my knowledge and understanding of the French culture. As a Foreign Language major, I understand the importance of clear communication between the peoples of other countries. My professors helped me to understand the fine points of French grammar and improve my French conversational skills. Study abroad is absolutely a worthwhile experience for college students, especially Foreign Language majors.

-- Maria Alena Scavone

Foreign Language Major

Studying abroad not only improved my Spanish speaking skills, but opened my eyes to a different culture which I love. I am 'hooked on Spain' and plan on returning in the future.

-- Austin Smith

I loved studying abroad so much that I plan on visiting Valencia every summer until it is not possible to travel any more.

-- Kim Barako

Studying abroad was definitely an eye-opening experience. I am thankful I took the trip. I had some great experiences and met some wonderful people. I would defintely recommend studying abroad to anyone. Just go into it without expectations and an open mind.

-- Erin Kennedy