Foreign Language Programs: Your Major + Spanish Minor

Spend your electives wisely. Put those credits toward a minor in a foreign language! For just 18 credits beyond elementary 100-level classes, you can gain a competitive edge in the workplace. Remember, foreign language skills will distinguish you from ALL other job candidates and increase your earning potential.

Adding a minor is a very simple process. Download the form or pick it up at the Registrar's Office and have it signed by the Modern Languages chairperson, Dr. Erin Sadlack. 

Available Minors

Spanish for the Professional

The Spanish for Professionals Minor is designed for those freshman students preparing for a career path in public service, who can continue their study of Spanish at least at the Intermediate level (211/212) their freshman year at Marywood.  These professional paths include healthcare (nursing, physician assistant, pre-med, communication science and disorders, musical therapy, athletic trainer), social work, criminal justice, psychology, sociology, education, counseling, etc. Course requirements vary according to the candidate’s previous experience and entry level as determined by the Modern Languages Program. 

Latino Studies

The Latino Studies minor provides students with an enhanced understanding of the culture, history, language, literature, and arts of both Latinos in the United States and the people of Latin America. The minor consists of a minimum of 18 credit hours selected from departmental offerings in Spanish. With course requirements in the area of Latino Studies, students may prepare themselves for careers in teaching, government, the media, healthcare, business, law, and the arts, among others.