FREN 101, 102 Elementary French (3,3)

Emphasizes the acquisition of communication skills within a culturally significant context. Course planned specifically for the student who has not studied the language previously.

FREN 211, 212 Intermediate French (3,3)

A multimedia course, using video, audio, and print as complementary aspects of one reality. Emphasizes acquisition of communication skills with many opportunities for conversational practice and improved cultural understanding. Course planned for students who have already studied French for one or two years.

FREN 221,222 French Language and Culture (3,3)

Designed to provide insight into the cultural values of the French-speaking world. Explores the social, cultural, political, and economic traditions of French-speaking countries in a format that provides opportunity for conversational practice.

FREN 275,276 Conversational French — Second Level (3,3)

Seeks primarily to increase the level of student communication skills in French. Designed to stimulate the spontaneous use of spoken French. Includes discussions on selected topics.

FREN 302, 303 Introduction to French Literature (3,3)

An introductory course in French literature; involves a study of main historical, artistic and literary works, with readings and analysis of each period.

FREN 304, 305 Francophone Short Story I, II (3,3)

Offers students the opportunity to improve their communicative skills through the study of literary selections and exposes them to the rich and exciting literature of the French-speaking world.

FREN 306, 307 French Cinema and Culture (3,3)

A French course which integrates French language feature films into the study of French language and culture.  In the course of a full academic year, feature films are used to motivate students in the study of French language and grammar while bringing in aspects of French culture, history and art.

FREN 311, 312 Readings in French Literature (3,3)

Seeks to increase the level of student speaking and writing, as well as speaking and listening skills in French by an analysis of selected French literary texts and films.

FREN 330 Advanced French Composition and Conversation (3)

An intensive course in French composition and conversation; emphasizes the finer points of grammar and idiomatic forms.

FREN 333, 334 French Civilization I, II (3,3)

A study of the political, historical, economic, social, and cultural development of Franch and the Francophone world throughout the centuries.

FREN 337 Commercial French (3)

Especially recommended for non-education majors and business majors. Studies vocabulary and forms used in commerce. Features practice in writing letters and other business forms, as well as oral practice.

FREN 399 Special Topics (3)

An in-depth exploration of a specific author, genre, theme, literary period, or rhetorical mode not regularly offered.

FREN 499 Independent Study in French (3)

Requires permission of the chairperson of the Foreign Languages Department. Study abroad and summer courses in French universities or at Laval University, Quebec, Canada, are highly recommended.

All advanced French courses may be studied abroad.