Marywood Students Selected as Cultural Ambassadors to Spain

Senior foreign language majors Ashley Thiel and Monica Bixby have received notification of their acceptance as Cultural Ambassadors by the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain. Starting September 2011 through June 2012, each will have the opportunity to live in Spain and become acquainted with the Spanish education system with teachers and students while sharing with them aspects of their own language and culture.

Monica Bixby began her studies at Marywood as a French Secondary Education major, but sophomore year decided the business world was a better fit. Just four years later, Monica will now head to Madrid as a Language and Culture Assistant to sharpen her Spanish skills.

Ashley Thiel, a Scranton native, student taught French at Old Forge High School and Spanish at Pocono Mountain West Junior High this past semester. Ashley, a gifted, new teacher, is looking forward to comparing her previous students here with the new ones awaiting her in El País Vasco.

The Language and Culture Assistants program is coordinated by the Spanish Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Spanish Comunidades Autónomas and the Education Offices of the Embassies of Spain in the United States and Canada. The director, Jesús Álvarez, accepted Dr. Jose Reyes' invitation to visit Marywood campus in fall, 2009 to explain this recently created scholarship to foreign language students.