Go Global!

At Marywood, every student goes global! Marywood's curriculum calls for every student to become "global trade literate, sensitive to foreign cultures, and conversant in different languages."  The University requires a foreign language component as part of its core liberal arts curriculum.

It's your first step toward a wide world of career options.  Exposure to different cultures and diverse people helps prepare you for study and travel abroad and local and international internships.

Program Highlights

  • Marywood University offers majors in Spanish and French.

  • A minor in a foreign language supplements all academic programs and offers a competitive edge when applying for jobs.

  • Courses like Medical Spanish and Spanish for the Social and Public Service Professional are designed with specific professional needs in mind.

  • Every student at Marywood is required to study a foreign language as part of the University's core liberal arts curriculum.

  • There are numerous opportunities for students to study abroad in countries throughout Europe and Latin America.

Department News

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A recent Time magazine cover story highlights the importance of educating students to be "global trade literate, sensitive to foreign cultures, and conversant in different languages." The Foreign Languages Department at Marywood University does exactly this and more. For nearly a century now, Marywood University has been preparing students to:

  • Understand and communicate in another language
  • Appreciate and respect other cultures
  • Develop a world consciousness that fosters social concern for others