Fiscal Affairs Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a purchase without first contacting the Purchasing Office or without a Purchase Order?

No. Although department heads and other personnel may have considerable contact with vendors to obtain price quotations and obtain product and service information, such personnel may not place orders with vendors. Only the Purchasing Office has the final authority to conduct and conclude negotiations with vendors concerning prices and conditions of sale, including final vendor selection, and only the Purchasing Office may place the actual order by way of an official purchase order form.

Purchase orders will be mailed unless the Purchasing Office is instructed otherwise. In the event that a department would like an order faxed or phoned in, that is the responsibility of the department. The department will be contacted when the purchase order has been issued and can pick it up, then phone or fax.

Contact Fiscal Affairs for guidance before proceeding with any purchases. Do not presume that your actions will be approved after the fact. Exceptions will be worked out between Fiscal Affairs, Purchasing, and the user department as circumstances and good business practices warrant.

Please remember that the Purchasing function at Marywood is a cooperative undertaking between the Purchasing Office, the vendor, and the user department. In most cases, department heads suggest a vendor when a purchase requisition is submitted to the Purchasing Office. It is presumed that the suggested vendor is selected by a department head after he/she has contacted several vendors and has reviewed the established purchasing criteria, namely, price, quality, service, shipping costs, availability, the lease/buy option if applicable, necessity, and other considerations that may be appropriate (see Appendix H—General Purchasing Considerations for detailed information regarding these matters). In some cases written documentation of bids, price comparisons, number and names of vendors contacted, etc. may be required with a purchase requisition, though in most cases this documentation can remain in departmental files.

How often are Accounts Payable checks issued?

Effective immediately the Accounts Payable Department will issue checks twice a week—Tuesday and Thursday. Checks are issued late afternoon and are available for pick-up at the Cashiers’ window the following day.  Ordinarily, it can take a week to 10 days for a check to be issued after we receive the paperwork. If a check is needed as soon as possible, the requisition must be hand-delivered to the Accounts Payable Specialist with a verbal request for the check to be issued ASAP. At that time the requester will be informed of when the check can be issued. Just marking “rush” or “needed by a date” is not sufficient for rush processing.