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Office of Fiscal Affairs, Accounts Payable, Budgets/Grants & Purchasing

Welcome to Marywood University's new Chart of Accounts Page!  We have set up this page to assist you in the University's transition to the new budget numbers that we will be using in Datatel Colleague.  There are several tools on this page to make this transition as painless as possible.  All new budgets will be in effect as of July 1, 2010.  Only new budget numbers will be accepted from July 1, 2010 forward.

Marywood's budget numbers will change as follows (X represents number of digits in each sequence):

  • Old:   Department (XXXX). Object (XXX)
  • New:  Fund (XX). Campus (XX). Department (XXXXXX). Object (XXXXX). Area (XX)


We have prepared a comprehensive overview of the changes.  Please download the presentation to see these changes.

Look-Up Tools

We have prepared some excel spreadsheets that you can download and use as reference.  As there are several new components to our account numbers, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with them.

  1. Fund:  We have not had the component "Fund" as a part of budget accounts in our Legacy system that were visible to the general University Community.  If you would like to see the funds that we are incorporating into our new accounts, see the Funds List
  2. Campus:  The next component "Campus" was not a component of our Legacy account numbers.  If a budget should relate to Marywood Program's taking place in another location, the only identifier was the actual name of the budget.  If you would like to see the campuses that we will be using, see the Campus List.
  3. Department:  There are three components that make up the next group of numbers "Department" (formerly known as Department or Budget).  They are "Division, Subdivision and Department".  We have structured these areas as closely as possible to how budgets were grouped in our Legacy system for reporting purposes.  By this we mean, all budgets within functional reporting areas are under the same Division, such as "Instruction".  See the Department List if you would like to look up an old DEPARTMENT number and find it's new Department number by using the Find Feature.
  4. Object:  If you would like to look up an old OBJECT number to find the new object number, see the Object List.  Use the Find feature within the Legacy Object Class column or the Description column to locate the new Colleague Object.  We have tried to mirror the legacy 3 digit object class code for Department Budgets.
  5. Area:  If you would like to see a listing of the last component of our account string, "Area",see the Area List.  This is the area that the department reports to.
  6. Full GL Number: The FULL GL NUMBER Look-Upcan be used if you would like to search based on the old full budget number (XXXX.XXX), you may use this file.  It will give you the full Colleague account number as well as the Description and corresponding Legacy account number.


All forms that contain budget numbers have been updated to be able to allow acceptance of the new number.  Please visit On-Line Forms for the appropriate form.


 We want to be certain to address any issues that may be a result of this conversion as soon as possible.  To expedite the response, please try to direct your questions as follows:

Budget/Grant Issues
Purchasing/Accounts Payable Issues
Financial or General Ledger Issues