Financial Aid: Scholarships

Sibling Award

Established in honor of Marywood's Centennial celebration.

Type: Undergrad University Scholarship

Award Amount: $1,500 - $3,000

Sibling Awards are offered to the second member of the same family when two or more dependents are enrolled at Marywood University as full-time, undergraduate students during the same semester(s).  Sibling Awards are also offered to the second member of the same family at the undergraduate level even if the other sibling has entered the graduate portion of their program at Marywood.  But if at any point in time, the graduate student stops out or drops below full-time, the Sibling Award is negated. 

Two or more siblings enrolled only at the graduate level are not eligible for the Sibling Award.

Students that receive Personnel Tuition Benefits are not eligible to be considered for the Marywood Sibling Award.