Financial Aid: Scholarships

The Charlotte Newcombe Foundation

The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation is an independent foundation that began in 1979 as the result of a bequest from the estate of Mrs. Newcombe, a Philadelphia philanthropist. The Foundation continues Mrs. Newcombe's support of students as they pursue degrees in higher education by maintaining scholarship and fellowship programs that are in keeping with her lifelong interests.

Type: Undergrad Outside Scholarship

Award Amount: Varies per student

Colleges and universities receive grants from the Foundation for scholarship aid to women over the age of twenty-five who have earned at least sixty credits towards a bachelor's degree. (The Foundation now permits but does not require recipient institutions to extend Newcombe Scholarships to mature men students who meet the eligibility standards outlined in the Foundation’s policy guiding selection of Newcombe Scholars. Marywood University strives to include men each year as funds permit.)

Each funded institution is responsible for selection of recipients and scholarship administration according to the Foundation's guidelines.

Interested applicants should contact Marywood University's Coordinator of Prior Learning and Assessment via email at

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