Scholarship Policies

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Scholarship Policies

Graduate students must be enrolled as matriculated students in a participating program in order to receive Marywood University scholarship funding. Endorsement programs, Educational Leadership certifications, English as a Second Language and enrichment classes are not eligible for University funded scholarships.

Graduate students who are awarded a Graduate Assistantship are not eligible for a Marywood University scholarship during the same semester or academic year. Students who will benefit from any other form of tuition remission such as, but not limited to, the Marywood Diocesan Scholarship or Personnel Tuition Benefit, may not receive a Marywood University graduate scholarship during that same academic year.

If a graduate scholarship recipient should need to withdraw from courses before the completion of a semester of study, Marywood University will recover institutional funds from the student in proportion to the percentage of tuition refunded for that semester. If the student decides to return to his or her studies in the future, he or she will be required to reapply for a scholarship.

Recipients of a Marywood University graduate scholarship will be notified each year starting in mid to late April, immediately preceding the academic year for which the scholarship is intended.  Marywood graduate scholarships may only be used towards the cost of tuition and students are encouraged to consider the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan if financial aid is needed for other educational costs such as books, supplies, and housing.   Marywood graduate scholarships are for use during the fall and spring semesters and are not applicable for summer enrollment..