Student Rights and Responsibilities

 The student has the right to ask the school:

  • The names of its accrediting and licensing organizations. The student also has the right to ask for copies of the documents describing the University’s accreditation or licensing.
  • About the University’s programs; it’s instructional, laboratory, and other physical facilities; and its faculty.
  • The cost of attendance, and the University’s policy on refunds for students who withdraw.
  • What financial assistance is available, including information on all federal, state, local, private, and institutional financial aid programs.
  • Who makes up the financial aid personnel, where they are located, and how to contact the Financial Aid Office for information.
  • What the procedures and deadlines are for submitting the application for each available financial aid program and how financial aid recipients are selected.
  • How financial aid is determined.
  • The interest rates and other costs on any student loan the student has, the total amounts to be repaid, the length of time for repayment, when repayment must start, and what cancellation or deferment (postponement) provisions apply.
  • For a sample loan repayment schedule.
  • If offered, a Federal Work-Study job, what kind of job it is, what hours the student must work, what the duties will be, what the rate of pay will be and how and when payment will be made.
  • To reconsider the financial aid package if a mistake has been made or if enrollment or financial circumstances have changed.
  • How satisfactory progress is determined and what happens if the student is not making satisfactory academic progress.
  • What special facilities and services are available to the handicapped?
  • How and when the student will receive financial assistance payments.

It is the student’s responsibility to:

  • Review and consider all information about the University prior to enrollment.
  • Know and meet all the deadlines for applying and reapplying for financial aid.
  • Pay special attention to the financial aid application, complete it accurately and submit it on time to the right place. Errors can delay or prevent the receiving of aid.
  • Provide all documentation, corrections, and new information requested either by the Financial Aid Office or the agency to which the student applied for aid.
  • Complete an entrance interview prior to receiving the first disbursement of a Perkins Loan or Federal Direct Loan.
  • Satisfactorily perform the work agreed upon for a Federal Work-Study job, if the student has one.
  • Understand the University’s refund policy. If the student withdraws from a school within a short time after starting classes, the student may be entitled to a partial reduction of educational charges. After a certain date, charges will not be reduced. The student must check with the Cashier’s Office to determine deadlines for withdrawal.
  • Read, understand, and keep copies of all forms the student is asked to sign.
  • Notify the University of any information that has changed since the student has applied for financial aid.
  • Notify the University in a change in name, address, or attendance status (full-time, half-time, etc.)
  • Complete an exit interview prior to graduation or withdrawal if the student has Federal Direct loans.
  • Repay any student loans. When the student signs a promissory note, the student agrees to repay any loans.