Faculty Handbook - Policy

Emeritus/Emerita Designation for Faculty

Policy Statement

Emeritus status is an honorary title awarded for distinguished service to the academic community. The title may be bestowed on a faculty member who is entering permanent retirement and who has served the University and academic community with distinction. The bestowal of Emeritus status is a distinctive honor, not a right.

Criteria for Nomination

  • Minimum of 10 years of service.
  • Must hold the rank of Associate or Full Professor.
  • Must be within one year of retirement date (either before or after formal retirement date).
  • Must have achieved eminence through teaching, service, and scholarship (or creative work) in college, professional, and community activities.


  • All University benefits granted to faculty retirees; 
  • Listing in University catalog and directory at highest rank achieved with incorporation of Emeritus designation;
  • Presentation of a certificate or resolution, appropriate for framing;
  • Receive University ID/business card designating as Emeritus faculty, if requested;
  • Ability to request institutional affiliation for proposals to funding agencies;
  • Use of University stationery when in correspondence related to her/his professional role while a Marywood faculty member (e.g., submission of journal articles, serving as a reviewer for journals or books);
  • Maintain access to campus email;
  • Retain use of campus dining facilities;
  • Any other privileges conferred by the University President/Board of Trustees.


Nomination Process

  1. In order for the retiring faculty member to be considered for Emeritus/Emerita status, he/she must be nominated by the appropriate College/School Dean, chairperson of department, or a tenured member of the University.

  2. Upon nomination, the candidate must submit to the Provost an application for such status which includes a current CV, three letters of recommendation (two must be from current Marywood faculty members) that discuss the individual’s contributions in outstanding teaching, service, scholarship, or creative work throughout her/his career at Marywood University.

  3. The Provost reviews the application and then submits a recommendation to the University President.

  4. The University President will review the application, consider the Provost’s recommendation, and render a final decision.

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Approved by the President of the University 4/17/15;1/31/17
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