Faculty Handbook Detail Page

The Faculty of the University consists of full-time, part-time, and special appointment members.   Appointments to the Faculty are made by the President of the University.  Promotion and/or tenure are granted to full-time faculty members by the President of the University in accord with the requirements of the policies of the University.

There are three distinct categories of Instructional Faculty.

Tenure Track (TT)

  1. Assistant Professor
  2. Associate Professor
  3. Professor 

Professor of Practice (POP) (formerly known as clinical)

  1. Instructor of Practice
  2. Assistant Professor of Practice
  3. Associate Professor of Practice
  4. Professor of Practice


  1. Instructor (formerly known as per annum)
  2. Pro Rata
  3. Lecturer
  4. Adjunct

There are two distinct title categories for Library Faculty.

Tenure Track (TT)

  1. Assistant Professor, Faculty Librarian
  2. Associate Professor, Faculty Librarian
  3. Professor, Faculty Librarian

Professor of Practice (POP)

  1. Assistant Professor of Practice, Faculty Librarian
  2. Associate Professor of Practice, Faculty Librarian
  3. Professor of Practice, Faculty Librarian


Depending upon the needs of the Department and/or Program, new full-time position requests would be for either Tenure Track (TT) or Professor of Practice (POP), with a rationale, and in consultation with the College Dean/Learning Commons Director. Faculty will be expected to stay within the TT-POP track hired into. Exceptions may be made only when compelling and documented departmental needs form the basis of the request, with the support of the department chair/director and dean, and approval of the Provost.

Established 2/14/19