Faculty Handbook Detail Page

Purchases of supplies, equipment, and contract services that are to be charged to University budgets or to funds controlled by the University must be made through the Purchasing Office. The University cannot be obligated except by authorized persons. A purchase by any other individual, i.e., not by way of an official purchase order, is the personal obligation of the individual making the purchase.

An unauthorized purchase transaction or order is one that is made without the proper authorization of the Purchasing Office and is intended to be charged to University funds. An unauthorized purchase may be evidenced by a purchase requisition that is sent in for approval to the Purchasing Office after the goods are already purchased or ordered, or it may be evidenced only by an invoice from the vendor or by a check requisition for payment of charges. An individual who makes an unauthorized purchase is personally responsible for payment of the charges incurred.

The proper procedures for obtaining any supplies, equipment, or services are contained in the Marywood University Purchasing Procedures Manual, which is available on-line and in each department.

Interdepartmental Charges

Personnel may charge to their departments by completing an Interdepartment Charge Requisition form. The form must be authorized by the chairperson or department head before submitting it to the department where the charge is made, e.g., Bookstore, Dining Services, Print Shop, etc. If not authorized, the charge becomes the personal responsibility of the individual.

Purchase of Services of Independent Contractors

Individuals who are not employees of the University and who are hired to perform a specific service are compensated as independent contractors. A Compensation Agreement is required to compensate an independent contractor. The Compensation Agreement form must be submitted to Fiscal Services before services are rendered. Independent contractors compensation forms are available at the Accounts Payable Office.