Faculty Handbook Detail Page

University Receipts

All cash, checks or other monies received through departments must be deposited daily in the Cashier's Office, together with a complete accounting of these funds. Such funds should never be left in any department's office overnight, unless the office is furnished with a safe.

University Disbursements

Requests for the disbursement of funds other than through the purchasing procedure must be made in writing to the Accounts Payable Office. Check Requisition forms are available there, on-line, and at the Cashier's Office. Examples of such expenditures would include periodical renewals, dues, memberships, travel reimbursements, etc.

Small amounts of cash (less than $100) may be requested by submitting a Petty Cash Requisition form to the Purchasing Office, where a Purchase Order will be issued. The Petty Cash Requisition form is available in the Cashier's Office and on-line. The Cashier's Office will process the request and the requestor can then pick up the cash there. Receipts for purchases and any cash not spent must be returned to the Cashier's Office to substantiate the disbursement.