Faculty Handbook Detail Page

All items of equipment and furnishings in University buildings are the property of the University unless there is a written record on file in the Physical Plant Management Office to the effect that certain specified personal items are owned by others. The University's insurance policy does not cover damage or loss of personal items.

Furnishings for faculty offices are requested through the Academic Affairs Office.

Each item of equipment and furnishings is inventoried and a record kept in the Physical Plant Management Office. The record lists the number, value, and exact location of each piece of furniture and/or equipment on campus. An accurate record is necessary for insurance purposes. For this reason, no piece of furniture or equipment may be moved, loaned, or disposed of in any way except through the Physical Plant Management Office where a proper form is completed.


Since all equipment and furnishings are inventoried at purchase, it is necessary to remove said equipment/furnishings when the time comes to dispose of same. A request should be made of the Physical Plant Management Office regarding the correct procedure.


Equipment and furnishings purchased by Marywood University belong solely to the University and not to the department in which they are housed. Therefore, no equipment or furnishings may be loaned without permission of the Business Affairs Office. Insurance coverage is applicable only when equipment/furnishings are housed where the inventory so states.


An inventory control system is kept in the Physical Plant Management Office regarding the location of all equipment/furnishings. Therefore, written permission is required from the Physical Plant Management Office to move a piece of furniture or equipment.