Faculty Handbook Detail Page


Chairpersons of instructional departments are ultimately responsible for the ordering of textbooks for their departments. Faculty members are urged to place their orders at the University Bookstore by March 15 for summer sessions, by April 15 for the fall semester, and by October 15 for the spring semester. Faculty members should make a serious effort to order books in quantities sufficient to cover class enrollments and to avoid, if possible, large inventories. When contemplating a change of text or edition, faculty members should inform the Manager of the University Bookstore in ample time to reduce any inventory before the new books are ordered.

Book companies do not accept requests for desk copies from bookstores. However, a form for this purpose may be procured at the University Bookstore, for the convenience of a faculty member. The form directs the company to forward the copy to the faculty member directly.

The University seal or logo

The Bookstore possesses the exclusive right to sell all items bearing the University seal or logo.