Faculty Handbook Detail Page

The Marketing & Communications Office is the central clearinghouse and dispersal point for University news releases, feature stories, photographs, public service announcements and other media contacts. The role of the office is essential in coordinating the flow of information about the University to the media. All Marywood publicity and other media contact must be cleared through the Marketing & Communications Office. Marywood has too many programs and events to permit a representative for each activity or organization to contact the news media. Such an approach would create confusion and repetition, yielding an unprofessional result for University public relations efforts. Furthermore, multiple contacts from one organization creates a credibility problem with the professional media. Given the required notice, the Marketing & Communications Office is prepared to offer assistance in publicizing a campus program or event in many ways, including: news releases, public service announcements, requests for media coverage, and listings in regional calendars of events. Publicity covers all unpaid promotion, which includes news-related promotion such as news releases, newspaper or magazine features and articles, and press relations. Publicity also includes public appearances such as radio and TV interviews, conferences, and special events.

At Marywood, the Public Relations Director oversees all press and media matters with particular emphasis on news of general interest. In addition to directing an ongoing flow of information to the media, the Marketing & Communications Office handles all questions from the press and attempts to keep a listing of faculty, staff, and administration willing to talk about their programs and/or respond to a news story. The list is sent to the media to suggest individuals for interviews. The Public Relations Director determines release dates and which mailing lists are to be used. The final editing of copy rests with the Public Relations Director.

For optimal coverage, all requests for publicity should be made at least three weeks in advance of the proposed submission to the media. In the event of a major program, e.g., concert, theatre production, workshop/seminar, exhibit, guest lecturer, etc., contact with the office should be made at least one month prior to the event, at which time a publicity plan will be developed to coincide with other scheduled releases. Please remember that the Marketing & Communications Office cannot guarantee that all releases submitted to the media will be published. Because of the volume of materials distributed through the Marketing & Communications Office, articles are written and distributed on a priority basis. While every effort is made to meet the requests of University personnel, the Marketing & Communications Office cannot guarantee that every request will be honored; therefore, priorities are made in the following order: campus events (dated material); news stories; features.

Working with copy supplied by a group's publicity coordinator, the Marketing & Communications Office will edit for proper news style, retype, copy on official University news letterhead, collate, and distribute to the appropriate regional mailing list. A particular trade publication, professional journal, or hometown newspaper may be included in the mailing at the specific request of a group or individual.

6.7.1 Calendar of Events

If an event is listed on the school calendar, or if the Marketing & Communications Office has sufficient notice, the program also will be included in monthly calendars of events that are submitted to several community groups and to the regional media. Three weeks notice is needed for date books and Public Service Announcements, and six weeks notice is needed for calendar items.


6.7.2 Responsibility of the University Community

It is important to keep the Marketing & Communications Office informed of activities, special events, and guest lecturers on campus in order to facilitate requests from the media and other interested parties, and to avoid conflict in our working relationship with the media. It is your responsibility to keep the Marketing & Communications Office informed of what's happening in your particular department. Please do not send news articles to the media on your own. News articles related to Marywood or Marywood personnel should be cleared through the Marketing & Communications Office.

While there are many accomplishments by Marywood faculty and administrators of great academic importance and events occurring on campus of considerable significance to the University community, we must remember that the news media look for stories that appeal to the general public. Newspaper editors and radio and television producers must evaluate stories in that context. In order to obtain the greatest possible media exposure for Marywood, we must avoid inundating the media with stories and material that we know from professional experience will be rejected. The Public Relations Director, whose expertise is in the area of media relations, will determine the news-worthiness of any given event or accomplishment before information about it is submitted to the media.


6.7.3 Photographs

An attempt will be made to accommodate requests for photographs to be taken of a specific event or activity if there is a viable possibility that the media will use the photo. The Marketing & Communications Office, however, has no control over which release or photo will be used by the press or the electronic media.

Photographers are assigned to a particular event at the discretion of the Marketing & Communications Office. All photographs taken become the property of Marywood University. Reprints can be made available to individuals at the current rate charged to the University. Any outside photos given to the Marketing & Communications Office for submission to the media cannot be returned.

Due to the overwhelming demand and cost of photography, limitations must be set on photo requests. Photography request forms are available from the Marketing & Communications Office and must be filled out one week or more in advance, signed by authorized faculty or an employee. The following guidelines must be observed:

If subject does not show up for the shoot or if event is cancelled, and the Marketing & Communications Office is not notified in advance, the department of the contact person will assume cost of the shoot.

The Marketing & Communications Office will pay for a maximum of two original photos per event.

Additional photos, other than those to be used by the Marketing & Communications Office, will be billed back to the client or department where the photo request originated. Random informal shots cannot be taken unless the client or department will cover the cost. The media does not use such photos.

A contact person scheduling a photo shoot that will involve minors must obtain authorization and release forms from the Marketing & Communications Office and distribute them to the parents of said minors to obtain permission to photograph their children. Forms must be completed and returned to the Marketing & Communications Office prior to the shoot. Only those children whose parents have completed a form may be photographed. If the Marketing & Communications Office does not receive authorization forms prior to the shoot, it will be cancelled. If a shoot should take place without authorization, the department of the contact person will assume the full cost of the shoot.