Faculty Handbook Detail Page

University Advancement has been charged with the implementation of marketing strategies for the University. The Marketing and Communications Office functions as a planning department for marketing the University through branding, direct marketing, constituent service, and internal and external communications. The office serves as a centralized clearinghouse for all marketing activities originated, funded, or produced by all University departments or divisions. The office has the responsibility to see that all publications carrying the Marywood University name communicate messages effectively and conform to the standards set forth for the University image. As an "in-house agency" to the various University divisions and departments, the office offers assistance with editing, writing, design, and production trafficking of University materials, which include brochures, programs, announcements, catalogs, posters, annual report, advertising, and other promotional pieces.

6.5.1 Advertising

The Marketing and Communications Office coordinates advertising for the University and its programs and events. Advertising concerning academic programs and campus events must be budgeted with and channeled through this office. Planning, production, and placement are handled by the Public Relations Director under the direction of the Executive Director of Marketing and Communications. This is necessary in order to ensure coordination of University marketing efforts, a unified University image and better tracking of advertising expenses.



  1. Advertisements include all paid print, television, cable, outdoor, or direct mail announcements that promote Marywood in any way. Specific advertising requests are to be made to the Marketing and Communications office and will be considered in the context of the overall marketing plan. Producing ads takes time. This must be considered when making requests.
  2. Planning for the advertising budget for the July 1 - June 30 fiscal year takes place during the preceding academic year. Requests for advertising, as well as other publicity needs, for academic departments should be coordinated with and approved by the college or continuing education dean. Requests for advertising from other University departments should be coordinated with and approved by department heads and divisional vice presidents.
  3. Once approved by dean, department head, or vice president, advertising plans should be developed in the Marketing and Communications department a minimum of four weeks in advance of advertising deadlines. Schedule an appointment with the Marketing and Communications department at least four weeks in advance of advertising deadlines (exception, see #5 below).
  4. An early contact with the office will allow time for copy and layout preparation, necessary changes, approval, scheduling, placement, and billing. With your input, the advertising and creative staff will work on ad design, layout, and copy. You will be asked to approve content of the final product.
  5. National and trade magazines have different production schedules that must be anticipated in order to meet deadlines. Allow eight weeks lead time for these ads.
  6. Please supply the Marketing and Communications Office with any results or feedback on your advertising. This type of information is helpful for future marketing efforts.