Faculty Handbook Detail Page

The Student Health Services Office includes a registered nurse director, a nurse practitioner and a consulting nutritionist. The staff is committed to a comprehensive wellness philosophy. Medical services, health information and counseling are available. Primary care, i.e. assessment and treatment, and referrals to community physicians and to campus and community resources for health education and counseling are provided. Emergencies are referred immediately to nearby hospitals and a staff member is available after office hours for telephone consultation.

Health insurance is a requirement for all full-time students.  Primary care in the Student Health Services Office is provided without charge; however, students should be covered by health insurance to assist with the cost of laboratory tests, emergency room visits, physician treatment or hospitalization. All such expenses are the students’ financial responsibility. Evidence of health insurance is required for international students and student-athletes. Students are invited to consider a University-endorsed plan available for purchase. Informative brochures and enrollment forms may be obtained at www.BollingerInsurance.com/marywood, the Student Health Services Office or the Office of the Vice President for Student Life.