Faculty Handbook Detail Page

Services of the Career Services Office are available to students and alumni at any stage on their career path. The staff assists students to make informed career choices, facilitates the transition from school to the work world and assists with preparation of applications to graduate/professional programs.

Career counseling, workshops, and testing are available, and technology such as InterviewStream prepares students and alumni for employment/graduate school interviews. The Career Services web page provides information about specific services available, offers employment listing through College Central and a wide selection of other on-line resources. Audiovisual and printed materials on occupations, job search, and choosing a major also are available.

In addition, recruiters are hosted on campus to conduct job/internship interviews and resumes are forwarded in response to requests of employers. Students and alumni have the opportunity to attend on-campus employment fairs, as well as a regional employment/internship fair. Students are encouraged to use the services of the department early in their education and throughout their career.