Faculty Handbook Detail Page

Tenure is a term designating guaranteed continuous appointment to a full-time faculty member.  It implies a mutual commitment on the part of the faculty member and the University and cannot be taken lightly. The commitment of a faculty member who requests tenure is as deep and binding on the faculty member as it is on the University.  Just as the conferring of tenure by the University recognizes the competence of an individual faculty member, submission to the University of an application for tenure suggests a strong acceptance by that individual of the mission, goals and objectives of the University.  The request represents a commitment to work jointly with faculty, students, administrators and staff for the growth and welfare of the University.   It is a commitment to devote one's energies to continued personal development and continued high levels of achievement as a member of the Marywood academic community.  It is a definite assertion of career goals; it is expected that a faculty member will not lightly withdraw from this relationship.

The probationary period shall not exceed seven years of full-time teaching/librarianship at Marywood, with application for tenure being made in the sixth year.  Faculty members on leave during the probationary period must follow the University's policy on leaves.  Interrupted service at Marywood University and also prior service at another regionally accredited, four-year college or university may be credited toward the fulfillment of the probationary period.

Once tenure is granted, it will be discontinued only for grave reason, which may include moral turpitude, flagrant abuse of academic freedom, or lack of professional competency as demonstrated in instruction and/or research.  In addition, as expressed in its Retrenchment of Faculty policy, the University may be required to discontinue tenure because of severe financial exigencies of the University or reorganization of the department and/or curriculum resulting in lack of need.

Tenure occurs by action of the Board of Trustees.


The candidate for tenure must

have achieved at least the rank of Assistant Professor;

have evidenced an expertise needed by one's department or a related department and recognized as having value for achievement of the present and future goals of the department;

have demonstrated consistently effective teaching/librarianship ability as attested to  by the evaluation procedures of the University;

have provided service to students extending beyond the teaching/librarianship function to student advisement and direction;

have completed all formal educational requirements in one's academic field, judged necessary to meet the needs of the department and the University;

have demonstrated a capacity to relate positively with the various constituencies of the University;

have participated effectively in the academic, cultural, administrative, and student affairs of the University.

Additionally, the candidate for tenure must give evidence of at least four of the following:

membership and involvement in the activities of professional societies;

contribution to the department by developing new courses and teaching a diversity of courses as needed, or in the case of faculty librarians by developing new library services and initiatives;

involvement in research, publication, and/or creative achievement;

participation in civic affairs and public service;

continuing professional initiative and responsibility.