The Tony Domiano Early Childhood Center includes both a half-day pre-school and a full-day kindergarten. The teachers in the Tony Domiano Early Childhood Center provide the children with a "prepared environment" that fosters their abiding curiosity and presents learning as a joyous and happy experience. The objectives of the program are to assist each child in developing

  • a positive attitude toward him/herself and others within the school community;
  • self-confidence as an independent learner;
  • inner security based on a sense of personal worth and self-discipline leading to true inner freedom of spirit;
  • the ability to accept his/her own strengths and limitations;
  • the integration of sensory motor skills, the ability to discriminate and judge and the ability to make choices;
  • a secure foundation upon which to build his/her emerging intelligence and imagination.


Children must be three years of age by September to be accepted, and because the program is a three-year cumulative one, three year olds are accepted first. Four year olds whose birthdays are in June, July or August are accepted if they will remain in pre-school for two years prior to entering kindergarten. Four year olds applying for one year of pre-school will be accepted if a four year old drops out and makes a space available or if they have attended a Montessori based pre-school for one year. Children applying for kindergarten who did not attend the Marywood pre-school program are accepted only if openings are available and the child meets the school's academic criteria.

Contact the Director of the Tony Domiano Early Childhood Center concerning openings.


(Reaffirmed 2009)