Faculty Handbook Detail Page

The Board of Trustees constitutes the governing body of Marywood University and engages in the policy direction of the University in accord with the terms of the Charter of Incorporation. It formulates and determines general policies as shall be deemed necessary for the administration and development of the University in accord with its stated purposes. It nominates and elects a President who shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the University.

It supervises the investment of funds of the University, approves its annual budget and counsels its general financial administration. It authorizes and supervises the construction of new buildings and seeks and approves necessary funds for academic and physical development. It approves annually the terms and conditions of employment, salary policies and schedules for all staff, faculty, administrators and other employees of the University. It approves and authorizes all earned degrees and all honorary degrees and awards upon recommendation of the President of the University and the faculty.

All actions of the Board of Trustees are final except in specific instances where such action requires the approval of a majority of the Members of the Marywood University Corporation.