Faculty Handbook Detail Page

The University Seal

The Secretary of the University and General Counsel is the custodian of the Seal of the University, which is reserved for official University documents and legal papers.  The Registrar has delegated authority to use the seal for transcripts and diplomas.  The seal may appear in publications for which its use has been specifically approved, such as the commencement program and formal invitations to events sponsored by the President of the University or vice presidents.  The President of the University must approve use of the Seal of the University in all instances other than those described above.

The University Logo

The University symbol or logo, which appears on official University stationery, in advertising, in publications, and in printed pieces and signs, was designed to represent the University graphically. Specific use of the University logo, and its variations, can be found in the Marywood University Publications and Graphic Identity manual.  The manual is available in the Marketing & Communications Office or can be viewed online on the Marywood University website (At the Home Page, click on News & Events, then on the left hand column, click on Publications and Design).

Standardized Stationery

University stationery is standardized to reduce costs and to present a unified image of the University through all its correspondence.  The term "stationery" includes letterhead, envelopes, and campus communications.  Official letterheads, envelopes, and business cards are procured at the Print Shop. In order to maintain a consistent look, no stationery, including business cards, should be produced off-campus without the approval of the Print Shop.  Names and titles of individuals may not be imprinted on official University letterhead or envelopes. No other form of stationery is authorized without the approval of the President of the University.

Reviewed 2013