Steps to Submit an Electronic Proposal:

  1. Download the Proposal Form to your desktop. 
  2. Open the Word .docx document. 
  3. Type your information into the fields. Please be sure to include the date and location of your activity and breakdown of expenses. 
  4. Save and Print. Please include your last name in the filename. 
  5. Sign and date the form. 
  6. Obtain the signatures of both your department Chair and DeanProposals without all (3) signatures will not be accepted. 
  7. Scan and upload the completed and signed document to your computer (PDF or DOC file). Only electronic copies will be accepted by the FDC.
  8. Include documentation of your activity: acceptance letter, conference program description, etc. as an additional attachment. 
  9. Email the Proposal Form and acceptance documentation to by the submission deadline for the date of your activity. 
  10. In ~2 weeks, you should hear back from the Office of the Provost on the acceptance of your proposal or from the Faculty Development Committee Chair if there is a problem with your proposal. 
  11. The Office of Provost will request receipts after approval. Please do not include any expense receipts with your proposal to the FDC.