This guide covers the rationale and development of the Faculty Development Profile, Plan and Proposal.

Faculty Development Proposal

A Faculty Development Proposal is a request for the funding of one or more faculty development activities detailed in the individual's development Plan. The budget guidelines are as follows:

  1. It is expected that the participant will collect receipts, invoices and other documentation for each expenditure, insofar as this can be reasonably accomplished.
  2. Stipend, salary, or other direct personal remuneration to the participant or to members of his/her immediate family, even for services rendered, will not be funded.
  3. Travel to professional meetings does not in and of itself constitute an acceptable goal. Such travel is more properly a means of accomplishment and must relate directly to a stated goal in order to be eligible for funding.
  4. Travel, food and lodging expenses will be funded within the guidelines established/shed for the Faculty Development Committee for the current year.
  5. Remuneration for student assistants will be approved only if the duties of said assistants is directly related to the activities contained in the individual Proposal (e.g., monies will not be provided for assistants whose principal functions are simply to free the applicant from his/her current responsibilities).

Three (3) paper copies and one (1) electronic copy
of each Proposal (see attached) for Faculty Development Funding should be submitted to the chair of the committee in accord with the published deadlines on the University Calendar. Each proposal should be typed and signed by the faculty member, his/her chair or director and the Dean.  Unless a proposal has three signatures, the Faculty Development Committee will not review the Faculty Development Proposal.

Faculty Development Forms