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Faculty Development: New Funding Limits

Revised Funding Limits: National, 2013-2014

  • $ 200: Conference Attending
  • $ 800: Commentator, panel, roundtable, poster, presiding
  • $ 1,200: Conference Presentation & Exhibition
  • $ 800: Research or Creative Endeavor

Revised Funding Limits: International, 2013-2014

  • $ 200 : Conference Attending
  • $ 1,000: Commentator, panel, roundtable, poster, presiding
  • $ 1,700: Conference Presentation
  • $ 1,000: Research or Creative Endeavor


Some Examples of Funding Calculation Tips:

  • You attended a conference in San Diego and requested $650.00 in August.  Recently, you were invited to present a paper in California in November.  Now, you can request a maximum of $850 from the Faculty Development Fund ($1,500-$650=$850).
  • You are planning to present a study in October in Washington, D.C. and estimate your request to be $700.00.  Your paper also was accepted for an oral presentation at the International World Conference in the Netherlands.  Now, your maximum request would be $1,500 for the Faculty Development Fund ($2,200-$700=$1,500).

Important Information to Remember:

  • Because of current budget constraints and an increased number of faculty interested in either attending or presenting at various conferences, proposal may not be 100% funded.

More questions? Please contact Sr. Angela Kim, IHM, committee chair:
LAC Room 81 | Extension x2394 |