1. Tennis Courts/Maintenance: Open to all permits/Visitors
  2. Lower Visual Arts Lot: Staff Only
  3. Visual Arts: Faculty/Administration, Commuter Students
  4. LAC Lot: Faculty/ Administration Only
  5. PAC: Commuter Students, Faculty/Administration Reserved Section
  6. Circle: Faculty/ Administration
  7. Nazareth Small Lot: CLOSED
  8. Nazareth Large Lot: Commuter Students Only
  9. University Ave Hill: Open Commuter/Upper Class Resident Students
  10. McGowan Center: Open to all Permits/Visitors
  11. Center for Athletics and Wellness: Open to all Permits/Visitors, Reserved Faculty/Admin
  12. Bethany Hall- Veterans Center Guests Only
  13. Softball Field- Freshman Residents Mandatory/ All Permits
  14. Maria Hall- Fac/Admin, University Advancement, Admissions
  15. Dimmick Court- Commuter Permit Only
  16. Admissions- Visitors Only
  17. Swartz Center Parking Area- Staff Parking as Designated, Visitors (to the Swartz Center only) can park in the designated areas. 2 hour limit at all times.

picture of parking map

Where to Park

All parking lots require a permit to park. Parking permits for those attending events or programs coordinated by Conference & Events Services or the Lifelong Learning Institute will be issued for the lots listed below. Please refer to the campus map for directions to the appropriate lot.

The parking lots are designated as follows:

McGowan Center Parking Lot (J)

Center for Athletics and Wellness Parking Lot (K)

Lower Visual Arts Parking Lot (B)