English Program: Courses

Course NameNumberTitle
Pre-Requisites for all students
ENGL 160 Composition & Rhetoric
ENGL 180 Introduction to World Literature 
Required courses for English Majors
ENGL 170 Introduction to Literary Studies 
ENGL 370 Shakespeare 
ENGL 495 Senior Seminar 
Required courses for Secondary Education Only
ENGL 400 Structure of Linguistics 
ENGL 412A Teaching Writing 
ENGL 412B Teaching Literature 
Survey Courses
ENGL 357 Survey of American Literature 
ENGL 364 Major British Writers 
Genre Courses
ENGL 310 Short Story 
ENGL 311 Satire 
ENGL 312 Poetry 
ENGL 314 Mythology 
ENGL 318 Women Writers 
ENGL 320 Ten Short Novels 
ENGL 321 The Essay as Literature 
ENGL 323 Literary Criticism and Theory 
Theme Courses
ENGL 331A Literature & Medicine 
ENGL 334A Medieval Tolkien 
ENGL 336 Film as Art 
ENGL 336A International Film 
ENGL 337 Mystical Writers 
ENGL 339 Children's Literature 
ENGL 341 Native Americans in Literature and History 
ENGL 342 History of Postmodern Women: Literature and Art 
ENGL 347 African-American Studies 
ENGL 349 Nature Studies 
American Period Courses
ENGL 350 American Short Fiction 
ENGL 354 The Contemporary American Novel 
ENGL 356 Rural Literature 
ENGL 357A Early American Literature 
ENGL 374 O'Neill and Williams 
ENGL 376 Poe and Twain 
ENGL 378 Plath Sexton and Company 
British Period Courses
ENGL 360 Medieval & Early Modern British Literature 
ENGL 362 British Victorian Writers 
ENGL 363 Modern British Novel 
ENGL 369 Nineteenth-Century British Novel 
Upper-Level Writing
ENGL 450 Writing for the Social Sciences 
ENGL 460 Creative Writing 
ENGL 470 Business and Technical Writing 
ENGL 475 Composition: Theory & Practice 
ENGL 480 Advanced Writing 
ENGL 484 Political Writing and Rhetoric 
ENGL 485 Writing and Cultural Studies 
ENGL 490 Feminist Writing and Rhetoric 
Other English Courses
ENGL 399 Special Topics 
ENGL 451 Internship 
ENGL 499 Independent Study