Good Reads

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Recommended by: Kristin DeVries



This major provides a comprehensive overview of literature that includes a broad range of authors and genres. Course requirements are flexible, so you can tailor the program to your interests and career aspirations. Learn more about the major in English.

English/Secondary Education

This major pairs courses in literature and writing with courses in education. Learn more about the major in English/Secondary Education.



The English minor includes 18 credits in literature and writing courses, nine of which are completed by every student as part of the core curriculum requirements. The remaining courses span all of the department's offerings, so you can make choices that suit your goals and interests. Learn more about the English minor.


The writing minor provides experience writing in a variety of genres. Classes are both enjoyable and practical. The minor can be tailored to your interests and career goals, so it serves both English majors and those in other disciplines. Learn more about the Writing minor.



Our internship program places students in a variety of work environments. Taking on roles as writers and editors, interns often help in the publication of community newsletters and magazines. English majors have recently worked at the Lackawanna Historical Society, Happenings Magazine, and Marywood's University Relations Office.

Considering adding an English major or minor? Make an appointment with the English Chair to discuss your options: 570-348-6219.