Faculty Highlights

Tom Borthwick just got one of his short stories titled Living in the Singularity published by Bewildering Stories in the November 2013 Issue.

Dr. Conlogue just released his new book titled Here and There: Reading Pennsylvania’s Working Landscapes which was published by Penn State University Press. Bill Conlogue tests the assumption that literature and local places matter less and less in a world that economists describe as “flat,” politicians believe has globalized,” and social scientists imagine as a “global village.” Making connections between local and global environmental issues, Here and There uses the Pennsylvania watersheds of urban Lackawanna and rural Lackawaxen to highlight the importance of understanding and protecting the places we call home.

Dr. Brassard's article entitled: "'You Ever-Gentle Gods': A Discussion of Willa Cather's My Mortal Enemy" will be published in Literature and Belief, Issue 34.1 in 2014. 

Dr. McMillan presented a paper at the Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference, Stanford University, on 25 September 2013: "Representations of Slut Shaming: Silver Linings Playbook, Easy A, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."

In June, Dr. Bittel presented a paper at the Children's Literature Association Conference in Biloxi, MS.  The paper was title , " I Was a Tweenage Fugitive: X-Treme Danger in Gordon Korman's Falconer Novels and Adventure Trilogies."