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What are you doing this weekend? If you answered ARTING (jury's out on whether that's a word) or WRITING in all caps and with alarming vigor, then you should focus your efforts on making something for the Bayleaf! SUBMISSIONS DUE OCTOBER 23 at MIDNIGHT!

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The Marywood University Bayleaf shared Marywood University English Department's photo.

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Might be of interest to Bayleafers: 10/12 Deadline for Delta Epsilon Sigma – 2015 Writing Competition Open to all undergraduates (member or non-member) Delta Epsilon Sigma, National Academic Honor Society for Catholic Colleges and Universities, sponsors a local and national annual writing contest open to any undergraduate in an institution which has a chapter of the society. Manuscripts may be submitted in any of four categories: Poetry, Short Fiction, Nonfiction Prose, or Scholarly Research. In the local phase of the contest, a First Prize of $25 will be awarded in each of the categories. Additionally, the First Prize manuscripts in each category will be submitted to the national competition in December. The national contest has a $500 First Prize in each category. Prose manuscripts should be 1500-5000 words in length. A long poem should be submitted singly; shorter lyrics may be submitted singly or in groups of two or three. Each student may submit a maximum of two entries (either in a single category or in different categories). Indicate clearly the category of each entry. All entries should be typed, preferably in Microsoft Word. All prose should be double-spaced. Include a coversheet (with name, contact info, category, and title) as a separate attachment. Put your title but not your name on the manuscript itself. All submissions should be emailed to Peggy Leombruni ( by Monday, October 12, 2015. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Aaron Simmons (

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The Bayleaf, Marywood's premiere journal of literature and art, publishes the work of undergraduate student writers and artists. The Bayleaf is published in the fall and spring semesters.

Submission Guidelines

The Bayleaf accepts only original student work and strongly discourages resubmissions.


  • All submissions should come in a format that will be easy to work with.
  • The Bayleaf encourages students to submit their artwork as an attached file to
  • The artist's name should not appear on the work, but a cover sheet should be provided stating (1.) the artist's name, (2.) the title of the work(s) submitted, (3.) your major and year, and (4.) your local or campus mailing address and phone number.
  • Non-electronic submissions should come in a protective casing.
  • The Bayleaf is not responsible for any damage incurred to artwork in the submission process.
  • Properly submitted work will be returned to the artist shortly before publication.


  • Poems, short stories, essays, or any other reasonably short genre of writing will be considered for publication.
  • The Bayleaf encourages students to submit their manuscripts as an attached file saved in Microsoft Word to
  • All work must be typed in a legible font, such as Courier New, Times New Roman, or Arial. Handwritten entries will not be accepted.
  • Do not underline or put the title of your work in quotation marks.
  • Include title and page number in the upper right hand corner of each page of all submissions.
  • If you are more comfortable submitting your work the traditional way, please put your work(s) with individual cover pages into a manila envelope. Label it "Bayleaf Submission" and take it to the campus mailing center.
  • Submissions received without any sort of identification will become property of The Bayleaf and will not be considered for publication.

The Bayleaf will accept a maximum of five submissions per student.

The editorial staff, comprised of Marywood undergraduate students, reviews all work democratically and anonymously. Submission due dates for each issue will be announced. The Bayleaf will not accept late material or any submission that fails to meet the journal's submission guidelines. Prizes will be awarded for the best literature and art submissions.

Remember to submit work that you have honed to the best of your ability. The courage to experiment, express, and create are the roots from which The Bayleaf is nourished.

For more information, contact Dr. Helen Bittel at or (570) 348-6219.

Contact The Bayleaf staff at